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Best Tips on How to Style Jewelry with Your Outfit | Linjer Jewelry

With oh-so-many options, it can be hard for a girl to figure out which pieces of jewelry to wear with which outfit.

How do you change up your everyday jewelry? When should you wear formal jewelry and when should you wear casual jewelry? What about for work? Is there such a thing as business casual jewelry? And do you really need to switch out your pieces as the seasons change… is summer jewelry really a thing?

Yeah, it can get overwhelming. But, it shouldn’t. That’s what we’re here for. Remember the key element in all of this is your personal style. Whatever makes your unique personality shine is what you should wear.

So, keep reading to get hyped for the jewelry styling tips that we know will make you glow.

A Piece for Every Occasion

Tip #1: Consider the Occasion

This is a great place to start when styling your look. Some pieces of jewelry are very versatile, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Other pieces use materials and designs that give a clear impression.

Formal jewelry like these Karin Pearl Drop Earrings exude an elegance that lend definitely themselves well to special occasions and upscale events.

Playful C-hoops, like the Britt Large Hoop Earrings are an example of beautiful casual jewelry that can add an extra bit of edge to your everyday outfits.

Large Hoop Earrings - Britt

Keep in mind that the jewelry alone can ultimately give a neutral outfit the vibe you want to create. For example for business attire, you can dress-up a more casual outfit with nicer jewelry, or wear something a bit fancy, but use more casual jewelry.

Playing with the Rainbow

Tip #2: Consider the Colortone of your Outfit

Once you’ve determined how formal or casual you want your look to be, start having fun with your color palette.

You can create balance and contrast either by using different shades or different tones.

If you like a subdued look, try combining softer colors. Blue and lavender jewels look great with beige and taupe fabrics and silver jewelry. Because purple and blue are complementary to yellow/brown, you still create some contrast.

Another popular look is tone-on-tone, but with a combination of shades—like lots of gold jewelry with different shades of green gems and warm toned fabric.

Ilse of Paradise Collection

Choosing colors according to your mood or even to the season, can always help give you just the right energy. Our Isle of Paradise Collection will give you plenty of hues to play with!

In - Focus

Tip #3: Choose a Focal Point

If you want to draw attention up to your face, wear a choker necklace or statement earrings that sway as you move, like Mathilde Pearl Drop Earrings.

If you want to draw attention to your outfit as a whole, try a long necklace, like our Mother of Pearl Necklace and some layered bracelets.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

To really highlight one piece of statement jewelry, remember to combine it with delicate jewelry or let it stand alone.

That said, if yours is a go-big-or-go-home kind of style… we fully approve of mixing lots of bold, statement pieces.


Tip #4: Be Mindful of Your Neckline

An arabesque is a harmony of curved lines. (That’s why the ballet pose bears this name).

When you choose your jewelry in conjunction with your neckline, you can create a certain sense of overall rhythm or pattern, like a work of art.

For example, the Marte Locket Necklace works best with either a deep-v or high collared shirt. You don’t want the pendant and the neckline at the same place.

Locket Necklace - Marte

A choker or string of pearls goes really well with a scoop neck. And, if you are sporting long, dangling drop earrings, try an off-the-shoulder neckline.

Balance is Everything

Tip #5: Use Color, Shape, and Design for Equilibrium

Ultimately, you want to combine your pieces in a way that creates your own personal sense of balance.

Pearl Bracelet - Eli

Whether you like gold jewelry or silver jewelry, romantic jewelry or edgy pieces, minimalist necklaces or chunky rings—think about how the colors, tones, shapes, and materials of both your jewelry and your fabrics combine.

When you hone into what you love, the jewelry drama goes away.

If you want even more ideas for the pieces that best suit your style, check out our quiz: Which Jewelry Matches Your Personality!

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