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4 Reasons Why You Need to Slim Down Your Wallet

We carry our wallets with us almost everywhere we go. But for a lot of men, our wallets are more like bricks than functional accessories. 

Bulky wallets can be really detrimental to our health and also weigh us down mentally. In this post, we talk about why you need to ban bulky wallets forever.

Why You Need to Slim Down Your Wallet

1/ Sitting on a bulky wallet can ruin your back

Sitting on a pile of cards, bills and paper under one butt cheek is a common cause of sciatica, a painful condition that causes pain and numbness in your leg along the sciatic nerve.

There are two ways that a bulky wallet can cause what doctors commonly call "fat wallet syndrome". First, the imbalance of your hips from sitting off-kilter displaces your spine, stressing the lumbar discs near your sciatic nerve roots. Second, your wallet could put pressure on the priformis muscle (deep in your butt), causing it to rub against and irritate the sciatic nerve.

Either way, anyone who has experienced sciatica will tell you it's no fun.

2/ You'll look better without the wallet bulge

Whether you're a back-pocket or front-pocket wallet carrier, a bulge in one of your pants pockets can make an otherwise clean, well-coordinated outfit look sloppy.

3/ Live more mindfully

Do you really need to carry around your Blockbuster card from the '90s, your expired driving license or your receipts from your trip to Mexico last year?

Think of it like this - every extra piece of paper or card you're carrying adds extra weight to every step you take. It's junk that you're literally carrying on your person everywhere you go. Remove the clutter in your life and you'll be able to focus more on the things that matter.

4/ It's an easy way to stay organized

Simple: the less junk you have in your wallet, the easier it will be to find things in your wallet.

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