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Time to Simplify: Our Midsummer Cleaning

When we started Linjer, we set out to do something different.

We were frustrated by how hard it was to find well-made products that weren't horribly overpriced. And we weren't happy with the alternative, which was to buy cheap, disposable fast-fashion products.

Through Linjer, we wanted to make products of exceedingly high quality and sell them at accessible prices online.

Since 2014, our business model has worked well. We've found tens of thousands of people who share our belief that things should made to last, and who identify with our desire to be more thoughtful in how we buy.

However, we are not spared of the realities of retail.

We had an "Oops" moment last month when we realized that after several collection launches, the number of SKUs (which stands for stock keeping units, or "distinct items" in lay terms) in our shop had ballooned to above 200! We had been growing our watch assortment without scaling down, and ended up with unmanageable number of strap and size choices.

For a brand that harps on about minimalism, we were not being very minimalist at all.

We have decided to pare down.

Call it our 'midsummer cleaning'. Our goal is to slim down our assortment to the core products that are most beloved, and retire everything else. 

We want to make room for new ideas and reduce the clutter in our warehouse, on our website, and in our minds.

So, we are putting some watch variants on clearance.

We are reducing prices for a number of watch variants by around 30-50% so that we can sell through them more quickly and accelerate our midsummer cleaning! All items are final sale. After we sell through these items, we won't bring them back. 

We invite you to go crazy! Buy extra straps and mix and match. Stock up on gifts for the next 10 years. (Or 20.) Or get that watch you've had your eye on for the last year.

This is an "Oops" moment for us, but we're excited to invite you to help us clear our inventory and go back to our minimalist roots.

We wish you a beautiful, mindful day!

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Jenn & Roman, Co-founders & designers