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Why You Need a Tennis Bracelet in 2022 | Linjer Jewelry

A tennis bracelet is a dainty strand of diamonds enclosed with a clasp. You may have seen a diamond tennis bracelet worn on the wrists of tennis icons like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle, however, these bracelets don't always have to break the bank!

This timeless style is versatile enough to wear anywhere from the tennis court to special occasions, which is why they’ve remained a must-have in anyone’s jewelry collection. Learn how tennis bracelets got their name, about contemporary variations, and how to style them into an everyday look.

The Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

During the 1978 U.S. Open, tennis star Chris Evert wore a delicate diamond bracelet that was loose enough to play with during the tournament. Halfway through the match, Evert noticed her bracelet fell off, and she stopped the match to search for it. Some sources claim this happened during the 1987 U.S. Open, but Evert recalls the incident was in 1978. While no one knows who coined the term “tennis bracelet,” Evert definitely inspired the name.

In the 80s and 90s, tennis bracelets rose in popularity and were seen as a status symbol. Whether worn at the country club or during special occasions, these gem-clustered bracelets became sentimental pieces of jewelry. Flash forward to today, and jewelry designers are reimagining tennis bracelets in simple silhouettes and modern materials.

The Tennis Bracelets of Today

With the rising popularity of tennis skirts and workout dresses, it’s only natural that tennis bracelets are trending this year. They’re casual, yet refined and so easy to stack with watches, friendship bracelets, and chain bracelets. If your mom had a tennis bracelet in the 80s or 90s, chances are it was chunkier and flashier than today’s styles. Now, designs are more minimalist and created to add just a hint of sparkle.

Jewelry designers are bringing these iconic bracelets to 2022 in silver and gold and new materials like cubic zirconia. While historically made with diamonds, cubic zirconia is just as sparkly and beautiful but makes these bracelets more affordable for everyone to obtain.

If you’re obsessed with diamond tennis bracelets, try a tennis necklace too! These necklaces look just like tennis bracelets but are worn solo on your neckline or layered with other go-to necklaces. And if you want to add a tennis bracelet to your jewelry collection but aren’t sure how to style it, here are a few ideas.

3 Ways to Style Your Tennis Bracelet

1. Layer it with Your Favorite Go-To Bracelets

Whether you wear a tennis bracelet with your favorite scrunchie or sleek watch, it all looks put together. The beauty of tennis bracelets is that you can style them with just about anything.

For a casual daily look, wear an exercise dress with a watch, hair tie, chain bracelet, and gold vermeil Tennis Bracelet for an effortless and on-trend look.

Linjer Tennis Bracelet Stack

2. Wear it Solo for a Minimalistic Look

Dress up your favorite office outfit with our classic Tennis Bracelet in sterling silver. The subtle sparkle will take you from your morning meeting to drinks after work.

Tennis bracelet

3. Stack Several Tennis Bracelets Together

Who said you can’t wear multiple tennis bracelets at once? We love switching up this look with our Tennis Bracelet (Half), which features a dainty paperclip chain on one half and cubic zirconia or blue topaz gemstones on the other.

Simply stack two classic tennis bracelets with our Tennis Bracelet (Half) for an eye-catching statement that’s perfect for a night out!

While it was the diamond tennis bracelet that came first, our cubic zirconia pieces look just as dazzling—plus, they come at a fraction of the cost of a real diamond bracelet. Take some time to browse our New Arrivals Collection to check out our different tennis jewelry styles—they won't disappoint!

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