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14k Solid Gold
14k Solid Gold

Liv Stacker Ring Luxe

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Color: 14k Solid Gold
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Dainty and precious. This 14k Solid Gold stacker ring is the most versatile piece in our collection! The band is 1mm in width.


    • 14k Solid Gold

      The ultimate luxury, gold lasts forever and holds its value. We use 100% recycled gold, reducing our impact on the planet. We like 14k gold for its elegant hue and durability.

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    Ring Sizes

    Linjer Ring Size EU Ring Size Inner Diameter of Ring (mm) Finger Circumference (mm)
    4 46-47 ~14.9 ~46.7
    5 48-50 ~15.7 ~49.3
    6 51-52 ~16.5 ~51.3
    7 53-55 ~17.3 ~55.0
    8 56-58 ~18.2 ~57.8
    9 59-60 ~19.1 ~60.0
    10 61-63 ~19.8 ~62.2

    If you're right between sizes, we suggest to choose the bigger size.

    Two ways to quickly find your Linjer ring size

    Method 1: Measure the inside diameter of a ring you already own

    Check the table above in the "Inner Diameter of Ring (mm)" column to find your ring size.

    Method 2: Measure the circumference of your finger

    • Measure your finger by wrapping around it snugly with measuring tape. If you don't have measuring tape, you can use string/floss or even paper, and measure against a ruler
    • Make sure your fingers are at a normal size when you measure them. Fingers shrink a bit in cold weather, and they swell after you've had alcohol, after you've exercised, when you're in hot weather, and when you're generally bloated
    • If your knuckle is particularly big, you may want to choose a bigger ring size so that the ring can fit over the knuckle

    Check the table above in the "Finger Circumference (mm)" column to find your ring size.

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    Quality Materials

    All Linjer jewelry is made with sterling silver and 14k solid gold. We use recycled metals to avoid unnecessary mining.

    Handcrafted with Love

    Each piece is handcrafted by artisans, and our gemstones are all sourced from ethical suppliers.


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