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The Top Jewelry Trends in 2022 You Should Know | Linjer Jewelry

From vibrant gemstones to the personalized piece, the 2022 jewelry trends are officially in. If you’re the type who likes to stay tip-top stylish, then keep reading; we’re going to go over the hottest jewelry trends this year.

Jewelry Trends 2022

Boho Jewelry

So you’re the girl who’s known and loved for her free-spirit. Maybe your closet is filled to the brim with breezy peasant tops, floppy hats, and fringe. Or maybe you like just a touch of boho in your wardrobe. In any case, if the bohemian style speaks to you, you’re in luck; boho jewelry is a top trend for 2022.

Linjer Gaia Boho Necklace

Boho style is all about feeling comfortable and liberated. And in line with that, boho jewelry tends to have a more natural, understated look. Though it’s a more casual trend, adding a piece of boho jewelry to your outfit still creates an effortlessly put-together effect.

To step up your outfit while keeping the mood comfortable and free, try our Boho Necklace. With a light, delicate chain and stylized sun medallion, you’ll keep things perfectly boho-chic and on-trend.

Colorful Jewelry

Enough with the monotones and muted tones, already. The fashion world is stepping away from basics and into the era of vivid, fun, and bright. You may have seen multi-hued fits and neons strutted down the runways recently, and colorful jewelry has been no exception to the trend.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to incorporate a thoughtful pop of color to your outfit is through colorful gemstone jewelry. To take part in this trend, why not add a drop of vibrance to your white and nude garments with our stunning Peaceful Heart Necklace in Amalfi Blue

Linjer Peaceful Heart Necklace in Amalfi Blue

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a top trend that keeps coming back, and for good reason too—it’s timeless.

What do we mean by personalized jewelry? Basically, think bracelets, necklaces, and rings that express you: whether birthstone jewelry, a personalized name necklace, or a darling piece with your initial on it, these items are loved because of their added personal sentiment.

Linjer Initial Neclace - A

What we love about personalized jewelry is that it’s delightfully chic. Take our Initial Necklace—with this meaningful piece placed on your neck, you’ll elevate your style both in-the-now and for years to come.

Gemstone Jewelry

If you’re a whimsey soul, you probably know all about cottagecore: handmade art, dreamy old-fashioned landscapes, gemstone jewelry. But, what about the pearlcore trend?

Pearls are back—ok, let’s be honest, pearls are timeless. But, these are not necessarily your grandmother's pearls. The Mother of Pearl Ring - Margit is our fanciful ode to all things pearl.

Linjer Margit Ring, Martine Ring, Aurora Ring

This calm and inspiring statement piece goes just as well with a vintage cottagecore dress as it does with a regal, structured two-piece set.

Dainty Jewelry

On the neck or on the fingers—mixed together with statement jewelry or simply by itself—dainty jewelry is marked by its subtlety. Yet, these delicate and understated pieces are often worn by people with big hearts and bold ideas.

Linjer Elli Crown Ring

Take the Elli Crown Ring—this is definitely a piece fit for royalty. It makes for the perfect, elegant piece for your ring stack, but it can easily shine on its own as well. With a gorgeous dainty ring like this, sometimes less really is more.

Wearing the 2022 Jewelry Trends

Keeping up with trends is energizing because it gives a girl a chance to refresh her look and try something new. That said, we know how to nod to trends without falling for fads. All of our pieces are the perfect combination of what’s hot right now, and what you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come.



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