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5 Reasons Hvorfor Menn Love Linjer Watches


En klokke er en manns hovedtilbehør, og hva du velger å ha på deg på håndleddet, sier mye om deg.

Uavhengig norsk merkevarer Linjer har vokst en sekt etter for sine klokker med en vinnerkombinasjon av store design, luksusmaterialer og tilrettelagte priser.

1. The designs are stunning

The designers at Linjer bring Nordic thoughtfulness and simplicity to each watch design. They've mastered the art of minimalism, and the quality natural materials they use speak for themselves.

2. The watches are exceptional value

Linjer is a direct-to-consumer brand. They use luxury-grade components (Swiss movements, sapphire glass, Italian leather) but sell their prices for 1/4 to 1/3 of what traditional luxury brands sell their watches for.

3. Linjer's founders are obsessed with quality

The couple behind Linjer started the brand because they were fed up having to overpay for beautiful, well-made products. They personally attend to every detail in their designs and vet each supplier carefully.


4. All the compliments...

Linjer's sleek designs draw attention for their subtle elegance. At least one customer met his wife when she complimented him on his watch on the bus (just saying).

5. Thousands of people are fans

Linjer's watch collections have been crowdfunding successes (they've raised more than $2 million). Their website has more than 1,000 5-star reviews.

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