The Large Hoop Earrings – Linjer

Clearance watches at $159

Clearance watches at $159


The Large Hoop Earrings, $52

Colour: Silver

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Architectural C-shaped hoop earrings. Confident and distinct.

  • Prices in USD
  • C-shape hoop earrings with butterfly nut
  • Gold version: 925 Sterling silver with 2.5 micron 14k gold plating (true vermeil)
  • Silver version: 925 Sterling silver with 0.5 micron rhodium plating
  • 35mm hoop diameter
  • 1.5mm hoop width

True Gold Vermeil. Nothing less.

The quality is in the plating. We plate our gold-tone pieces to 2.5 micron, international standard of vermeil.

"Surprisingly Roomy"

...say our customers! This bag may look small, but its depth and practical shape provide plenty of room for your things.

Premium Italian leather

Made with a luxe, smooth leather with special finishing for enhanced scratch and weather resistance.

What Others Are Saying

Linjer's jewellery line brings fair pricing and stylish design without sacrificing any of the quality.