The Minimalist Watch

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  • 機芯:Ronda 5系列石英機芯
  • 水晶:穹頂形藍寶石,帶防反光塗層
  • 錶殼:316L實心不銹鋼,帶抛光
  • 錶盤效果: 亮漆
  • 抗水:3 ATM
  • 皮革:意大利全粒面植鞣皮革
  • 錶帶:錶帶彈簧柱(易於替換)
兩種尺寸:38mm和41mm錶殼直徑。穿著西裝的模特兒身高6'2“,中等身型。他佩戴的尺寸是 38mm。另外的模特兒身高6'2“,健碩身型。他佩戴的尺寸是41mm。
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Watch Sizes for The Minimalist Watch

38mm 箱體尺寸,箱體厚度 ~7.8mm 41mm 個案尺寸,個案厚度 ~8 毫米
更經典的尺寸,適合中小型的手腕。 適合大型腕錶的男士,或喜歡較大的手錶面的男士。
18 毫米帶寬 20mm 皮帶寬度
腕周 13.6 ~ 19.1cm 對腕周 13.9 ~ 19.3cm


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Nordic Minimalism

Inspired by the clean lines of the Oslo Opera House, our logo-free Minimalist Watch has carefully designed details that make it anything but boring.

Only The Best Materials

All the trappings of a luxury watch, except the 4-digit price point. Swiss movement, domed sapphire crystal, and full grain Italian vegetable-tanned leather straps.

Make It Yours

Our watch straps all have quick-replace springbars, which means you can switch them out without any tools. Buy additional watch straps and it's like having two watches in one.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Crafted in the same factory as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury watches.

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