The Mini

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  • 意大利植鞣皮革
  • 可調節的肩帶
  • 磁性按扣
  • 棉質內襯
  • 一個內插袋(可裝一部iPhone 7 Plus!)
  • 請注意,這款手袋採用天然植鞣皮革製成,因此皮革上可能會有天然的痕跡和變化,這完全正常!
  • 裡面可以放甚麼?在主要隔層中放入小錢包、鑰匙、潤唇膏和小防曬乳,在插袋中放置智能手機
20cm寬度,15cm高度,8cm深度,104-124cm肩帶,300g 重量。模特兒身高為170cm。
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Packed with Personality

It may be small, but The Mini is full of personality. Dark edge paint and contrasting stitchwork add flair to this cute little bag.

Italian Vacchetta Leather

Leather tanned in the artisanal, old-fashioned way. This stunning natural leather patinas over time, becoming truly unique to you.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Crafted in the same factory as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury bags.


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