The Sling Bag

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  • 磨光的意大利皮革
  • 可調節的肩帶
  • 米色棉質斜紋內襯
  • 金色拉鏈來自YKK Excella
  • 兩個小插內袋
  • 裡面可以放甚麼?您的Kindle、智能手機、小錢包和其他小物件
21.5cm高度,21cm寬度,6cm寬度,106-130cm肩帶,280g重量,模特兒身高為170cm。 拉上拉鏈後,手袋內可以放置最高約17.5厘米的物品。大概不適合放入大拉鏈錢包(通常19厘米以上)。
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Elegant and Fuss-Free

Careful detailing and balanced proportions give this bag a quiet, elevated elegance.

Zip It Up...

A top-quality YKK Excella zipper keeps your things secure.

Durable Leather

Made with milled Italian vegetable-tanned leather with an enhanced finish to make it more resistant to scratches and splashes.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Crafted in the same factory as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury bags.


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