The Soft Briefcase

$489.00 USD

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  • 平滑的意大利皮革
  • 可拆除,可調節的肩帶
  • 棉質斜紋內襯
  • 銀色配件
  • 金色拉鏈來自YKK Excella
  • 4粒金屬底釘
  • 帶軟墊的電腦隔可放15"Macbook
  • 袋內間隔適合放置手機、筆、名片等


* 如您以往曾向我們購買過軟公事包,請注意,我們已為此公事包更換皮革,以提高防刮度和天氣適應力

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Uniquely Sleek Design

Our Soft Briefcases, we use a special—and difficult—construction method that gives the bag a sleek, refined silhouette. Only a few manufacturers are able to make bags like this. You won't find another bag out there constructed this way for less than $2,500 USD.

Lauded by The Wirecutter

Named "Best Leather Briefcase" by The Wirecutter. "Why it’s great: The Linjer’s clean lines, firm structure, and impressive detailing stand out from other briefcases, and mark it as more at home in a formal business setting."

Top Quality Materials

We select the best materials for our products. This briefcase is made with a smooth Italian leather (specially treated for more weather resistance), and sports a YKK Excella zipper from YKK's luxury line.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Crafted in the same factory as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury bags.



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