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Our Leather

Here at Linjer, we're obsessed with leather. We source top-grade leather from tanneries in Italy that are leaders in their fields for their craft and environmental standards.

From these tanneries, we carefully select leather articles to suit the overall character, look, and functionality of a specific item, whether it's a briefcase, handbag, wallet, or watch straps.

Here is a quick primer on the two methods of tanning used in making our leather:

Vegetable tanning uses organic materials -- namely tannins from tree bark, roots and flower pods -- to tan leather. This is an artisanal and traditional method that was refined during the Renaissance. Only 10% of leather is made using this natural process. It's time-consuming to produce and relies on experienced craftsmen; knowledge is usually passed down through generations. Vegetable tanned leather has a natural look and changes continuously over time as it develops a patina, much like a tree darkens in the sun. The leather's ability to patina is truly special and is prized by many -- your leather items change over time with your use and begin to tell your story.

Chrome tanning uses synthetic chemicals (mainly chromium) to tan leather. Most of the world’s leather is made using this method, which was invented in the 19th century to enable mass production of leather goods. What differentiates it from vegetable-tanned leather is that it is more resistant to the elements and that the look of the leather remains more constant over time, which some people prefer.

Soft Briefcase, Navy

Our Tanneries

Tanning is in the blood of the families that run the Italian tanneries where our leather is produced. Every animal skin is different in the same way that gem stones vary with their finesse and flaws: selecting the best hides is a skill that is passed down through generations. Combined with the latest technology, the family-run tanneries still rely on the expertise of the older workers to use their eyes and hands to choose the best skins.

Our Italian tanneries are in the Santa Croce sull’Arno and Arzignano regions, the hearts of the tanning industries in Italy.

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