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Top 5 Tips For Mindful Gifting | Linjer Jewelry

Local shops are playing holiday hits earlier and earlier, seemingly to compensate for the fact that the holidays have become a you-blink-you-miss-it affair.

We’re all trying to navigate a season that puts a lot of emphasis on getting it right in terms of decorating, making the most of time with family, and gift-giving. No wonder we feel like we need more time. Yet, deep down, we know we don’t need the holidays to be longer, just slower—a return to mindfulness, reflection, and savored moments.

So, let’s dare to be counter-cultural. Light a spruce candle, take a deep breath, and grab a cup of your favorite aromatic holiday drink because Linjer’s here to vivre la révolution with you.

1. Finding the Fun

by choosing your why

When we step into our intentionality, we get to create the meaning around what we do… and the fun.

Try pulling out your journal and jotting down a list:

  • Who do you want to give to this season and why? Show love, express gratitude, nurture the connection… the reason could be different for each person.
  • What do you love or appreciate about each person on your list?
  • What would make gift-giving relaxing and fun for you?

2. Giving Something They’ll Love

by getting to know them better

Rainbow Moonstone Ring on finger

How to give meaningful holiday and mindful Christmas gifts to those who aren’t expressive about their wishlists? Make it about more than gifts—make it about getting to know each other better.

  • Conversation: Chat with your friends and family about their favorite interests and activities. You could send out a get-to-know-me questionnaire.
  • Gift idea bank. Make a note page for each person, and jot it down every time they mention something they like. (Pro tip, start this weeks in advance, and get others involved).
  • Brainstorm. What are their interests and hobbies? What have you seen them wear; how would you describe their style?

For wearable gifts start by thinking in broad style categories. With quality jewelry, for example, does she gravitate towards statement jewelry, like our Serena Moonstone Ring, or does she tend towards minimal jewelry?

(Check out our Jewelry by Personality post and quiz for some additional ideas for preferred styles of jewelry).

3. Being in the Moment

by planning ahead

Miriam Diamond Pave Ring and Laila Twist 14k Gold Ring

One of the best ways to be fully in the present is achieved with 20 minutes of mapping out the near future. Even gift-giving will become stress-free.

    • Use the Rock-Pebble-Sand method. Fill your calendar first with the “rocks” —your special holiday events and occasions—then accommodate the other things.
    • Turn gifting into a shared experience. Have a gift wrapping party! Plus, save time and energy by having the gifts delivered to your door! When you purchase ethical jewelry from Linjer, we offset the shipment emissions.

If you do need to go out, bring a friend and turn it into a holiday coffee date. It’s a fun way to catch up, and it’s nice to have a second opinion. (Pssst… this is a great way to pay attention to what your shopping companion is interested in ;))

4. Giving from the Heart

by adding small touches

Hilde Organic Gold Hoop Earrings

More and more, we prefer experiences over “stuff.” That’s not to say that thing-gifts can’t be meaningful, but they don’t have to be in excess. Mindful gift items can also be combined with other types of gifts.

  • Charity gifting. If they don’t need more stuff, so consider donating to their favorite cause.
  • Experiences. Gift an experience, like a day-hike, or combine a gift with an experience. Give your gift on a picnic or create a treasure hunt… but instead of a pot of gold, the final clue can lead to some gold vermeil jewelry, like these breezy Organic Hoops - Hilde.
  • Homemade touches. Spend an afternoon baking or crafting to complete your gift with something really personal.

Combining traditional gifts with gift alternatives is also a great way to stay within your budget—as is choosing customer-centered brands. At Linjer, we love giving you affordable fine jewelry options.

5. Sustaining the Cheer

by going sustainable

Travel Jewelry Case in Cognac

At Linjer, we also love sustainability. And, there is more than one way to incorporate sustainable practices into your mindful gifting.

    • Quality over quantity. Choose gifts made from high-quality materials (a non-negotiable for us), such as the Miriam - Diamond Pave Band, a 14k gold ring with conflict free diamonds. Gifts made to last—like our gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry—will stay in your loved one’s collection (not end up in the waste bin one day).
    • Functional gifts. Rather than trinkets and knick-knacks, prefer gifts that can be used or worn! We love the fact that jewelry is both decorative and wearable! ;)
    • Repurposed wrapping. Prefer gift bags and boxes to gift wrap paper so they can be reused. Or let the wrapping be part of the gift itself: keep them guessing with something like our Travel Jewelry Case. Just add a bow or ribbon.
    • Prefer sustainable brands. You’re doing your part, so insist on brands that are doing theirs. The best gifts are sustainable gifts, which is why Linjer chooses to make only sustainable jewelry. Check out our sustainability commitment!


If you’re looking for high-quality, sustainable, and meaningful gift items this season, take a look at our Holiday Gift Shop Collection, a festive curation of our timeless jewelry pieces for mindful gifting.

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