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Leather Care

Just like you and me, leather needs to be maintained in order to age gracefully and last many years. Here's a guide we've prepared to help you care for your Linjer products.



Caring for Your Leather

Keep leather out of direct heat/sunlight for prolonged periods of time so it doesn’t dry out, crack or fade unevenly. Moisturize it every six months: we love Collonil's Organic Bamboo Lotion.

Leather has pores so cannot be fully waterproofed but you can make it water resistant with Collonil's Organic Protect & Care spray, which leaves a fine protective film on the surface. Re-spray every few months and try to avoid heavy rain as big raindrops can make splotches that may not fade entirely.

And lastly, our leather goods are designed to be functional but please don't eat your lunch on top of them (for obvious reasons).


Treating It Well

  • If your leather gets wet, pat dry with paper towels, pack loosely with paper and let it air dry (do not apply more heat).
  • If the leather becomes dry, use leather conditioner to moisturize it. We recommend Collonil's Organic Bamboo Lotion, which also magically helps to loosen surface dirt as well.
  • If you’re bothered by the appearance of scratches, we recommend Collonil's Leather Gel.
  • Many of our products are made with vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather changes with time, just like everything else in nature. As leather ages the finish may flatten out and marks may appear as the unique patina develops. This is the sign of well-loved leather that is taking on a character of its own.

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