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Jewelry Buying Guide

Jewelry on your mind? Check out our ultimate guide to buying jewelry. Learn about jewelry terms and learn how to spend your money wisely!
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How to Tell if Pearls Are Real: A Complete Guide on Real Pearls vs Fake Pearls | Linjer Jewelry

Learn how to distinguish real pearls from fake with our complete guide. Discover the differences in appearance, weight, texture, and more, and avoid common mistakes when buying pearl jewelry.

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White Gold vs Yellow Gold: All You Need to Know | Linjer Jewelry

Learn the differences between white gold and yellow gold! Discover their unique properties, colors, prices and uses.

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Blue Topaz: Everything You Need to Know | Linjer Jewelry

Discover the beauty and symbolism of blue topaz! Learn about different types, formation, color, and meaning - from London blue to Swiss blue topaz.

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How to Clean Pearls At Home | Linjer Jewelry

Keep your pearls looking their best with our full guide on how to clean you pearls at home!

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Apatite Guide: Apatite Meaning, Properties and More | Linjer Jewelry

Discover the meaning of apatite, its physical and emotional properties and how you can harness the apatite benefits!

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