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The Isle of Paradise Beckons... (Retire)

We are dreaming of warm nights, wading into a clear turquoise sea and dancing until the sun rises...

The Isle of Paradise collection is here to satisfy that wanderlust! 

Browse our 4 vibrant new styles below...


Serendipity Earrings

Window to my Soul Ring

Peaceful Heart Necklace

Don't Look Back Ring

Whether you’re searching for colorful and trendy jewelry to wear in the summer or just want to brighten up your winter wardrobe, don’t be afraid to experiment with our Isle of Paradise colorful statement jewelry collection! From vibrant gemstone drop earrings to bold statement necklaces, these stunning selections will have you beaming! Discover rings, earrings and necklaces composed of green amethyst, white quartz, opal and more. Our Isle of Paradise Collection is travel-inspired and Mediterranean holiday-approved. Choose between a vivid turquoise color named Amalfi Blue, a soft muted blue color named Baltic Blue, a juicy green sheen named Honeydew, a dreamy peachy color named Dusty Coral, or a luxurious purple color named Deep Lavender.

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