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Our Favorite Ring Stack Combinations | Linjer Jewelry

Have you been feeling like you need a creative outlet but don’t have time to pull out the paints? Ring stacking is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a fabulous art form that allows you to bring a bit of everyday artistry into your life.

You can put on your imaginary painter’s beret every morning before you leave the house by ‘painting’ your fingers with your favorite ring stack combinations.

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Ring Stack Guide so that you can add to your repertoire all the best ring stacking design principles—from contrasting colors to playing with lines.

Stacking rings is all about experimenting and finding combinations that express your style. There are infinite ways to create your look, so we’ve picked out some of our very favorite combos to give you a few ring stack ideas.

Elegant Nesting Ring Set

Martine + Aurora

Nesting Ring Set Martine Aurora

The negative space or ‘nest’ created by a curved ring is a striking way to frame the ring that you want to highlight. And, the combination of Martine + Aurora gemstone rings creates a lovely line around a pear engagement ring stack.

The pear-shaped diamond centerpiece of the Martine ring nestles nicely into the subtle curve of Aurora, plus the delicate gold band juxtaposed against the row of gems creates harmonic contrast.

Because the color scheme is monochromatic, it’s the shape and cut of these white topaz gemstones that really shine.

Mystic Statement Ring Set

Margit + Elisa

Statement Ring Set Margit Elisa

In this enchanting blend, Mother of Pearl and moonstone come together to create a bit of boho glow. Margit + Elisa is a mystic statement ring set full of yin and yang.

Both are potent statement rings on their own, and at first glance, these might appear to be two versions of the same ring, but there is a more subtle interplay happening here.

The creamy, opaque Mother of Pearl ring is highlighted as it floats atop a cloud of silky, translucent moonstone. And Elisa’s three smaller rainbow moonstone gemstones both accentuate and blend together with the striking single centerpiece of Margit—almost as if it were one ring.

Overall, the all-white coloration serves to unify and harmonize this stunning combination.

Regal Gemstone Ring Set

Charlotte + Ilse

Gemstone Ring Set Charlotte Ilse

Two-toning is a great way to go when you want to create a bit of sibling rivalry. Charlotte may seem a tad square and in-the-box, but she more than makes up for it with her fiery citrine ring personality, which burns all the more brightly due to her straight-laced-but-bold baguette cut.

Meanwhile, Ilse likes abstract, free-flowing lines and creates her own rhythm with four uniquely shaped gemstones—and she prefers to do so quietly in the understated tones of a white topaz ring.

The two sisters in this regal gemstone ring set couldn’t be more distinct, yet together Charlotte + Ilse make an unstoppable stack ring set.

Edgy Geometric Ring Set

Vera + Liv + Tonje

vera tonje liv geometric ring set

There’s nothing like a gold stacking ring set made up of geometric rings to give your fingers a chill yet edgy vibe.

If you want to know how to stack rings like a pro, look no further. These three gold rings are layered one atop another to create one smart thick band. Even though there is no blank space between Vera, Liv, and Tonje, glossy stacking ring Liv is strategically placed between the textured layers of triangular Vera and woven Tonje.

Liv serves to create a sort of negative space, intentionally breaking up the texture of the geometric and the chain ring, which all pulls together to create a clever ensemble for the ultimate cool girl.

Artsy Vintage Ring Set

Elisabeth + Elisa

Elisabeth Mother of Pearl Ring, Rainbow Moonstone Ring Elisa

This theatrical ring set is a surprising mix of classic and contemporary. It might have been easier to pair our vintage Mother of Pearl Ring - Elisabeth with some simple rings. But, by juxtaposing this classy heirloom piece with the new-age cut of the Elisa Moonstone Ring, we get an unexpected statement that really catches the eye.

Rather than building height on one finger, this pearly stacking ring combination uses an asymmetrical chevron shape, creating a gently sloping timeline across the fingers: it tells a story of artsy flare that grows into vintage grace.

When it comes to stacking rings, just remember that ultimately you’re the one holding the paintbrush. So mix and match the daring and delicate rings on our Ring Collection page to your heart’s content because, in art, there are no rules.

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