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Which Jewelry Matches Your Personality? | Linjer Jewelry

Jewelry is a form of expression. It starts out as an expression of the artisan who crafts it, and then lives out its life as an expression of the person or people who wear it.

When you open your jewelry box to pick out a piece, you want it to say something about you, about what you love.

So, we made this fun and easy quiz: Which jewelry matches your personality? to help you put together a selection of pieces from our collection that are just your type.

We have a whole range of versatile jewelry that speaks to unique styles and personalities; here are a few handpicked examples!

Simply Classic

For the Easygoing Girl

Paula Wide Ring

If you like to keep things laid back but you still want a bit of glow in your day-to-day, you need unfussy, carefree jewelry—like our Paula Wide Ring—a classic thick stacking ring (in gold or silver) that will effortlessly compliment your look and stay in-tune with your daily activities.

Keep the mellow vibes going with our classic jewelry, and neutral pieces.

En Vogue

For the Cosmopolitan Girl

Hanne Bar Necklace

A day or night on the town calls for something sophisticated. Whether you’re running errands downtown or having after-work martinis with your friends at that popular new spot, you’re sure to add a refined shimmer to your attire with the Hanne Bar Necklace—a sleek and slender line of gold, suspended from a gold chain that falls just below the collar bone.

Stay chic with our elegant jewelry and sophisticated designs.

Naturally Romantic

For the Nature Lover

Ada Open Leaf Ring

Spring flowers, falling autumn leaves, summer sunsets, and winter wonder—you love to be surrounded by nature in every season, and you love to wear romantic jewelry—like our Ada Open Leaf Ring—a sylvan gold ring made of dreamy leaf-shaped marquise crystals that will make you feel like you’re carrying a little piece of forest with you wherever you go.

Capture the fanciful every day with our boho and nature-inspired jewelry.


For the Artistic Eye

Peaceful Heart Necklace in Deep Lavender

Whether you appreciate cutting-edge design or you’re out there making it yourself, you’ll love our line of daring, fashion-forward statement jewelry. Spice up your style with the contemporary Peaceful Heart Necklace in Deep Lavender. This translucent, lavender-colored gemstone necklace features an imperfectly-round gold vermeil setting, enclosing a bright geometric gem, hung from a striking gold cable chain.

Be bold and out-of-the-box with our most vibrant jewelry.

Define your style and discover your favorite Linjer jewelry with the Which jewelry matches your personality? quiz!

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