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Styling Pearl Necklaces | Linjer Jewelry

Long considered a natural wonder, pearls are life’s original reminder to turn lemons into lemonade. So, we wear pearls not only for their natural, understated beauty but also for the pearl necklace meaning—a reminder that we too can turn life’s irritants into something beautiful.

If you want to keep that reminder fresh on your mind, and keep your style fresh, you’ll love wearing one of our unique freshwater pearl necklace designs.

Ingrid Pearl Necklace, Katja Pearl Necklace and Astrid Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces may have been a bit passed over in the recent past—cast off as matronly—but there is such a rising return to pearl jewelry that even the likes of Harry Styles, of boyband stardom, can’t stay away from pearls.

Needless to say, the rediscovery of pearl jewelry has given birth to some stunning new twists on traditional styles.

When styling pearl necklaces, we like to keep a few things in mind to guide our ensembles.

  1. The feel of the piece: Is it casual? Dressy? Can it go both ways?
  2. The expressiveness of the necklace: Is it a statement piece, or is it understated?
  3. The type and size of the pearl or pearls and how that interplays with the feel and expressiveness
  4. The length of the necklace: Which kind of neckline is best?
  5. How it pairs: What kind of look will this create on its own? How about paired with other pieces?

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Our Baroque Pearl Necklace is a long pearl necklace, featuring a single baroque pearl on an adjustable trace chain of up to 21 inches for an almost matinee length. A baroque pearl is characterized by its irregularly rounded shape, giving it its own character.

The graceful simplicity of this single pearl necklace lends itself to various settings. At first glance, the Baroque Pearl Necklace may seem understated, but the opulent size of the pearl allows this necklace to be a statement piece when worn alone with the right outfit.

You can pair this pearl pendant necklace with a simple blouse for an everyday style that will make your eyes and your smile pop. Or, with a sleek black v-neck dress that will highlight the pearl and create some elegance for a professional or semi-formal affair.

Astrid Pearl Necklace

Astrid Pearl Necklace

While pearl pendants are an undeniably alluring way to wear pearls, the string of classic pearls is always an appropriate choice, and our silver Astrid Pearl Necklace has just a touch of modernity.

The smaller oval-shaped pearls that make up this pearl set are a bit more mature than the perfectly spherical Cinderella pearls of yesteryear, and the toggle can be worn in the front, lying just at the collar bone, for a not-quite-a-choker-but-sill-edgy touch.

Astrid is an ideal choice for sprucing up your everyday wear. And, if the minimal-pearl vibe isn’t your thing, Astrid is great for layering.

Pairing this piece with a small pearl necklace, like the string of tiny pearls on our Katja Pearl Necklace, creates just the right volume and texture for a slightly impish bohemian outfit. (You can even add in the Baroque Pearl Necklace for an especially whimsical multilayered look).

Marit Pearl Necklace

Marit Keshi Pearl Necklace

A truly remarkable rendition of the pearl pendant, the Marit Keshi Pearl Necklace is an arresting, one-of-a-kind pearl drop necklace made from what appears to be a liquid drizzle of gold (or silver) frozen in time around a freeform Keshi pearl the sits just below the collar bone.

Marit has an abstract art feel that gives her a contemporary edge, which can be dressed up or down. But, whether you style Marit with elegant evening wear or with a daytime beach-goddess dress, we recommend letting her stand alone.

Looking for more exquisite pearl jewelry designs? Shop our enchanting assortment of pearl necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. And, if you’re curious for more, read up on Why You Need Pearls in 2022!

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