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Linjer Collabs: Instagram Creative Brief


We are so excited to collaborate with you! 

Let us know how we can support you. If you have any questions, or if we can help with anything, please get in touch at [email protected].

We hope you love your new Linjer jewelry!

- The Linjer Team ❤️


First things first...how do you pronounce Linjer?

Linjer is a Norwegian word that means “lines” – a reference to our minimalist design aesthetic! It’s pronounced “liin-yir in Norwegian, but something like “linear” in English is totally fine!

Talking points to integrate 

Include information about Linjer in your post captions and stories narrations. From our experience, when creators speak authentically about what drew them to a certain brand, their followers find it much more interesting and engaging. 

Your followers are curious to know why you are interested in the brand!

Here are some talking points you can work from. Choose what is meaningful to you:

1. Linjer is a female-founded brand

2. Sustainability is a core value of our studio...our efforts include: using recycled materials (100% recycled gold and silver), lab grown diamonds, and recycled packaging. We also offset carbon emissions for every shipment!

3. Linjer creates high-quality products that are accessibly priced. We took away the traditional luxury mark-up so that everyone can afford to look and feel good.

4. Our products are made to lastLinjer's gold vermeil pieces use 14k gold and a thickness of 2.5-3 microns. That is 5x thicker than regular “gold-plated” jewelry and ~100x thicker than regular "flash-plated" jewelry, which means a Linjer gold vermeil piece will outlast regular gold-plated and flash-plated jewelry by many years. 

5. Our jewelry and bags have been seen on Gigi Hadid, Millie Bobby Brown, Olivia Culpo, Brie Larson, and more! 


Read more in Our Story and Sustainability Practices


Shoot eye-catching photos 👀

  1. Shoot the jewelry close up and in focus. Close up photos of rings on hands tend to be easy winners. :) 
  2. Keep the background quite neutral/not distracting
  3. Shoot with natural bright light to make the jewelry shine ✨ Direct sunlight can be quite harsh; try going in the shade if the sun is up, or shoot during golden hour (Google it if you don't know what that is)
  4. Please don't include jewelry, bags or watches from other brands

Here's an extra incentive: we like to showcase great photos from influencers on our Instagram feed and on our website!



Shoot exciting, engaging videos 😍

  1. Shoot close-up so the jewelry is easy to see
  2. Shoot in good lighting 
  3. Use voice over AND add captions. Incorporate Linjer talking points (mentioned above) and be authentic and sincere about what drew you to the brand and what you like about the pieces you have
  4. Edit so that it's short and snappy

Creative ideas: unboxing, mirror selfies, boomerangs, and video effects 🙌

Here are some examples: (We used a video editing app called VLLO...it's really easy to use!)

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

Ready to post? Send us the drafts for approval first.

Please email us your drafts via [email protected] and wait for approval before posting :) 

Posting guidelines:

  1. Tag @linjerco in the stories, on the post photos & in the captions. Remember to include talking points about Linjer listed above
  2. Add hashtags: #linjerco #finejewelry 
  3. For stories, set up a swipe up link to www.linjer.co 
  4. Don’t show bags, watches or jewelry from other brands

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