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Our Story

We started our design studio, Linjer, to create minimalist, high quality products that didn't cost the earth.

We were fed up with choosing between fast-fashion and overpriced luxury brands...so we designed our own products, replicated the supply chain of luxury brands, and began selling our products online in 2014.

We draw inspiration from Roman's native Oslo (ourΒ name "Linjer" means "lines" in Norwegian), and we endeavor to make products that stand the test of time both in their design and their quality. Enjoy browsing our store!

β€”Β Jennifer Chong & Roman Khan, designers & co-founders

Direct To You

We sell directly to customers, cutting out the unnecessary costs and crazy markups that make luxury watches and bags extraordinarily expensive. We pass the savings on to you, so you get the same quality at a 1/3 or 1/4 of the typical cost.

Our Collections

Swiss Movements

We've selected the best Swiss movements for our watches from the renowned Swiss movement makers ETA and Ronda.

Italian Leather

The most beautiful, well-made products always start with excellent raw materials. Our products use top-quality leather from leading tanneries in Italy.


We believe in minimizing our harm to the environment. We make our products to last and our tanneries have won awards for the environmental practices.


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