Our Story – Linjer
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Our Story

We started our design studio Linjer to create the products that we always wished we could own: 

1. Beautifully designed, with careful attention to even the smallest details
2. Made from top quality materials, whether it's premium Italian leather, Swiss movements or sapphire crystals
3. Made with superb craftsmanship (the same factories that make for luxury brands)
4. Sustainably sourced
5. Not crazily priced

The 5th point has been our grand experiment since we started our studio in 2014 .We decided to sell our products only online, through our website, so that we could skip over the middlemen and offer unprecedented value for products that would typically retail for more than $1,000 USD. In fact, we're proud to be able to sell the most expensive products we have on offer (our Swiss Automatic watch and Soft Briefcase) for less than $500.

Our studio's roots are international: with one founder from Oslo, and the other a Canadian with a deep respect for Scandinavian design, we draw much inspiration from the Norwegian design tradition. (Our name "Linjer" means "lines" in Norwegian!) Our journey has also brought us to Florence, Italy, where we lived more than a year to learn the ins and outs of leather production. As of 2018 we are now based most of the year in Hong Kong, close to our fulfillment operations. We endeavor to draw from the best of all of these worlds and provide you with elegant, well-made products that will serve you well for years to come.

— Jennifer Chong & Roman Khan, designers & co-founders