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Holiday Gift Guide 2022 | Linjer Jewelry

As the earth’s annual trip around the sun comes to a close, different cultures around the world prepare to mark the moment, kicking off a season of celebrations and traditions, not the least of which includes gift giving.

While some can’t imagine anything more fun than shopping for friends and relatives, others might find this particular tradition a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this holiday inspo list of gift ideas for the holidays. And, did we mention that these jewelry-for-her gifts come straight to your door? That’s right, no crazy end-of-year crowds—so you can save your energy for the festivities.

Holiday Cheer

Garnet Gemstone January Birthstone Necklace

We love the cheery colors of the January Birthstone Necklace. Nothing will give you a sense of holiday spirit quite like the poinsettia red of this garnet birthstone necklace in its golden embrace.

While this garnet jewelry is, of course, a lovely option for those with January birthdays, it’s a fitting holiday jewelry choice for anyone who likes to wear colors that make them feel warm and bright during the cold winter months.

And, even if the months surrounding the change of year are mild for you or during the summer (here’s looking at you, Southern Hemisphere), the bright red of this necklace gift is a meaningful color associated with various end-of-year holiday celebrations, including Christmas, Chinese New Year, Shab-e Yalda, and Diwali.

Wintery Blues

Silver London Blue Topaz Gemstone Ring on plain background

You don’t have to be feeling down to get the “wintery blues”—an appreciation for the beautiful blue and silver hues often associated with winter months. Many of us love this color combo, which reminds us of snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes. Not to mention, silver and blue are prominent colors in the celebration of Hannukah.

Our London Blue Topaz Silver Ring - Ilse features a shimmering sterling silver ring with gorgeous blue gemstones cut like tiny ice crystals, a perfect choice for the wintertide lover in your life.

Winter Wonder

Silver Rainbow Moonstone Statement Ring on plain background

And, speaking of winter lovers, we’ve been dying to introduce you to our newly released Serena Silver Moonstone Ring—a gemstone-ring must for any ice-crystal queen. Whether a fresh blanket of snow, sun-bathed icicles, or falling snowflakes… you can already picture that one friend who’s in love with all things winter wonder.

She’ll catch her breath for Serena, the winteriest of all our statement rings, made from a tapered silver band encrusted with glittering gemstones that flank the stunning rainbow moonstone centerpiece. Serena is an amulet of winter magic that reflects the season’s soft light as we celebrate the return of sunlight and longer days.

New Year’s Sparkle

Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet on wrist

Of course, snow and ice aren’t the only things that sparkle during the holidays, and no holiday jewelry gifts list would be complete without a go-to New Year’s favorite. If you want to gift someone with her very own New Year’s sparkle, we recommend our Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet.

The starlike gemstones on this festive bracelet gift really shine against their gold vermeil setting, making this the perfect holiday ornament to wear with a little black dress or whatever outfit she wants to slip into to ring in the New Year.

Feeling inspired? Holiday gift shopping just got fun, and it’s guaranteed to get even more enjoyable when you check out all the holiday gifting ideas from our Holiday Gift Shop collection page!

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