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Our Favorite Stackable Rings | Linjer Jewelry

Essential stackable rings are the ones that every woman needs in her collection. The tried-and-true staples have classic capsule characteristics: timeless in design, style-flexible in terms of occasion, and of course, easily stackable and mix-and-matchable!

After that, it all depends on personal taste—on what suits you in terms of color, texture, silhouette, and size. And, if you really want to get creative with your stacks, don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Ring Stack Guide, where you’ll learn the very best stacking tips and tricks to create your own ring stack masterpieces.

Simple Gold Ring 

Stackable Rings - Gold Stacking Ring - Liv

A simple gold ring is an essential component of any stackable ring collection. Their classic shape and plain design make them a versatile choice to stack with other rings, ranging from dainty gemstone bands to statement rings.

Our Gold Stacking Ring - Liv features a thin plain band which can help create the perfect negative space in a ring stack. The simple design makes it an ideal foundation stacking ring for creating a variety of looks.

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Textured Gold Ring

Stackable Rings - Braid Ring - Lena

Adding a textured ring can bring a whole new level of depth and dimension to your ring stacks. The Braid Ring - Lena features a subtle harvest braid design which adds a subtle touch of detailing to your ring stacks, while its thin band width allows it to be easily paired with other delicate rings.

Simple textured gold bands such as the Lena, are perfect for interspersing with your gemstone rings and other statement pieces. The Braid Ring - Lena is a must-have for anyone who appreciates intricacy in their ring stacks!

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Colored Gemstone Ring

Stackable Rings - London Blue Topaz Ring - Ilse

Dainty gemstone rings are also totally stackable and a great way to add some color and sparkle to your collection. If you like to finish off your look with a subtle pop of color to your ring stacks, the London Blue Topaz Ring - Ilse is just the piece for you.

The deep blue hue of the London blue topaz gemstones will add a gorgeous pop of color to your ring stacks, while the unique design and placement of the stones will make this ring stand out from the rest.

Whether you're looking to create a bold statement with your ring stacks or simply want a subtle accent piece, the London Blue Topaz Ring - Ilse is a must-have for the fashion-forward trendsetters!

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Diamond Stacking Ring 

Stackable Rings - Diamond Eternity Ring

While we love our simple ring bands, we’re also all about the sparkle! If you like your rings to be dainty, smooth, and flush, but still want some brilliant radiance, our Diamond Eternity Ring is an essential for your stackable ring collection.

The Diamond Eternity Ring is a dainty sliver of luxury—a 14k yellow gold band with a never ending circle of sparkly lab grown diamonds. The slim profile of this ring makes it easy to pair with other rings, while its timeless and elegant style can add a touch of sophistication and glamor to your ring stacks.

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Gemstone Statement Ring

STACKABLE RINGS-Moonstone Ring - Elisa

While you may want to wear simple stackers and tiny gemstones on most days, no capsule stackable ring collection would be complete without a statement ring! Our Moonstone Ring - Elisa is a gemstone statement ring with iridescent rainbow tones that can complement any ring stack and any outfit.

The eye-catching moonstones on the Elisa can serve as the focal point of your ring stacks and since the gemstones are natural, every ring is unique, adding a touch of individuality.

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Now that you know which types of rings are stackable classics, it’s time to get creative! Find all of our gorgeous stackables and statement rings on our Rings Collection page!

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