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Top 5 Chain Necklaces | Linjer Jewelry

What is a Chain Necklace?

Just like the vanilla at an artisanal ice-cream shop, chain necklaces often go unnoticed. Yet, not only do chain necklaces pair nicely with other flavors—oops, other pieces—they can also stand elegantly on their own when made with high-quality materials.

Chain Necklaced Layered

Chains can add a soft touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Because we don’t pay them as much attention, we often miss the intricacy of the chain, and the fact that there are different types of chain necklaces. Here, we’re going to share with you five of the most common styles.

Box Chain

Box Chain Necklace - Narvik

This sturdy chain is rectilinear and, well, boxy—as its name suggests. Each link is fashioned with right-angled edges, and they are linked in a perpendicular manner.

This is one kind of chain that stands really well on its own, but it can also support larger pendants, and due to the nature of its design, the box chain necklace doesn’t tangle.

The Box Chain Necklace – Narvik comes in gold and silver with three adjustable lengths.

Singapore Chain

Singapore Chain Necklace - Leknes

Made from mult-interlocking oval links that spiral onto each other, the gold or silver Singapore Chain Necklace - Leknes is an alluring example of what a bit of creativity can do. The result? A delicate, twisting chain that catches the light at different angles.

This clever piece of craftsmanship is great for laying with other chains and necklaces, and is a common choice to carry a pendant. Just be extra gentle, as it is more prone to tangling.

Franco Chain

Franco Chain Necklace - Bergen

A franco chain necklace, like the Bergen, features uniquely shaped chain links that give the chain a chevron shape, where each link continually flows into the next.

This chain is sturdy, yet still has a delicate air that resists tangling and looks brilliant on its own.

Figaro Chain

Figaro Chain Necklace - Lillesand

Reminiscent of Italian opera, the distinctive looking figaro chain necklaces can definitely make a subtle impact on your look. Our Lillesand version stays true to the classic pattern, three round links followed by one oval.

We think the uniqueness of the pattern in this chain deserves to stand alone. That said, the figaro is often layered with simpler patterns or even used with a pendant. Because this chain has an asymmetrical pattern, losing a link can slightly alter its appearance. So, make sure to treat your figaro chains with care.

Diamond Cut Chain

Diamond Cut Chain - Arendal

The diamond cut chain is named as such because the links are actually cut-into, giving them grooves and edges, like a diamond. The weave on diamond cut chain necklace can vary, it’s the notches that give it its original, extra-shiny look.

We offer two versions on this special shape—the Diamond Cut Chain – Alta and our special variation, the Diamond Cut Beaded Chain - Arendal, featuring small, evenly spaced beadwork.

While both options are great for layering, the Alta works best with pendants while the Arendal is a beautiful stand-alone piece.

Mix Chain Necklace Stack

Be it a silver chain necklace or a gold, chains are like the denim of the jewelry world—we can wear them everyday, they go with everything, and we can’t live without them! Yet, unlike deim, chains tend to dress-up a look, or at least add a refined, seductive pop.

Don’t forget to check out our Chain Necklaces collection page to pick your daily go-to and special occasion chain necklaces!

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