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December Birthstone: Turquoise Meaning, Properties and How to Wear Turquoise Jewelry | Linjer Jewelry

Known for its calming blue-to-green color, turquoise is a stone that’s been well-loved since antiquity. Its presence sparks feelings of tranquility and calm, like the shores of the ocean waves breaking gently on the sand.

Indeed, when we think of “natural, summertime beauty”, turquoise quickly comes to mind (and probably in the form of our December Birthstone Necklace - Turquoise).

But beauty and tranquility aren’t the only things this gemstone has to offer. Today, we’re going to talk all things turquoise—from the stone’s transcendental properties all the way to turquoise jewelry and how to wear it.

What is the December Birthstone?

The birthstone for December is turquoise. Turquoise is a rare gemstone known for its unique blue-green hue so lovely that we named a color after it. Much like water, turquoise symbolizes calmness, clarity, and healing. But it’s also long been treasured for the truth, friendship, protection, and good fortune it brings. It truly is a stone of positive and beautiful energy.

Linjer Turquoise Gemstone - December Birthstone Necklace - Turquoise

Turquoise Meaning and History

Turquoise was notably among the first stones to ever be mined and worn as jewelry. Its history dates as far back as 5000 BCE in Egypt. The stone was referred to as “mefkat,” meaning joy and delight. The ancient Egyptians would place turquoise in necklaces, rings, and ornamental burial masks for the good fortune it brings.

From there, turquoise continued on as a revered stone in civilizations throughout history, including the ancient Persians, Chinese, Ottomans, Aztecs, and Native Americans. Its modern name comes from the French word “turquois,” meaning Turkish, thanks to its trading imports from Turkey into Europe in the seventeenth century.

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Turquoise Jewelry - December Birthstone Necklace - Turquoise

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Where is turquoise found?

Natural turquoise is found in areas with dry and barren climates such as Iran, Mexico, Chile, China, Tibet, and the US. China is currently the world’s largest producer of this dreamy December birthstone, Iranian Turquoise has been dubbed “robin’s egg blue,” thanks to its intense sky-blue hues.

Turquoise Physical Properties

While you probably have an idea of what turquoise looks like in terms of color, it can vary quite a lot in hue and the vividness of its blues or greens, sometimes featuring flecks and streaks of white or yellow, too.

As for its other physical descriptors, turquoise is an opaque mineral with a luster classified as waxy. It ranks between 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it rather soft. For reference, glass has a hardness of around 5.5. Because of their low hardness and durability, turquoise can be at risk for abrasions and other damage.

This can certainly be remedied, though. Our Turquoise Necklace is treated for durability and shine!

Linjer Turquoise Gemstone - Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Emotional Properties

Perhaps the most sought-after properties turquoise presents are emotional healing and peace. If you’ve been overwhelmed with too much work or unsolicited drama lately, turquoise might be a great stone to wear as it is believed to provide much-needed feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and inner fortitude.

It’s also known to aid in communication and interpersonal healing, so you can speak your heart, set boundaries, and find resolution with comfort and ease.

Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

No doubt, turquoise is an ancient and powerful stone. For thousands of years, it’s been used for its metaphysical properties. In ancient civilizations, it was particularly valued for its protective and healing energies, as well as the ability to bring good luck into your life.

Today, still, it serves as a protective shield against negativity and misfortune. When worn around your neck, it works with your throat chakra. This allows a flow of communication in both our world and the spiritual realm, bringing you wisdom, truth, and insight.

Those born in December can take special advantage of turquoise’s properties, too, since it’s a December birthstone.

Wearing Turquoise Jewelry

By now, it’s no secret that turquoise is a well-loved tool for peace, healing, and good fortune. For centuries, people have adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry to harness its powerful properties.

And because turquoise works closely with our throat chakra, a great way to take advantage of turquoise’s properties—and look stylish in the process—is to wear it as a necklace.

Pair it against a cropped white blouse or a breezy beige sundress; turquoise jewelry is a great way to add a stunning pop of color!

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