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Essential Jewelry Duos | Linjer Jewelry

Decision fatigue? These days even deciding what podcast or TV series we’re going to wind down to can make us feel tired. So, why not keep things simple with our jewelry?

Sure, it’s fun to experiment, but on those days when you just don’t have time, you can reach for a jewelry set that will make you feel confident and look put together in a flash.

Linjer’s Jewelry Sets are curated for many different tastes. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite fine jewelry duos.


blue opal statement earring and ring serendipity window to my soul

Colorful and vibrant, our Baltic Blue Serendipity Earrings and Blue Opal Window to My Soul Ring will brighten your day, while the blue hues keep you feeling serene.

The Baltic Blue gemstone jewelry is made from white quartz and blue opal, and they are just big enough to make a statement, especially with the gold vermeil rims.

This statement jewelry set, featuring pieces from our Isle of Paradise Collection, is a sophisticated yet playful way to polish your officewear. And, you can keep them on for after-work cocktails.


Mari disc necklace hanne bar necklace

Every cosmo-girl needs her go-to necklace set, the one that accompanies her as she takes the town with confidence. This sleek geometric combination will give you an extra bit of verve, whether you’re going out for a downtown meeting or some uptown shopping.

The Hanne Bar Necklace is a slim gold bar strung horizontally at the base of your neck that fits just right with the Mari Charm, a gold vermeil necklace with a subtle golden disc.

This super chameleon layered necklace combination pairs with anything from a sporty casual look to a professional ensemble.


baroque pearl necklace and earring set

Our Baroque Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set is elegant and whimsical—giving your look a touch of boho-chic—while at the same time giving even your most casual outfit a naturally effortless upgrade.

The pearl pendant features a single pearl hung from a delicate gold chain, and each of the 30mm gold hoops has a generous pearl dangling from it.

Of course, pearl jewelry looks good with almost everything, and we especially love this set with an oversized button-down and your favorite slacks or khakis.


lise small hoop earrings siri wrap ring

If you want a gold jewelry set that will make you feel warm and bright, try this classic combination, the Siri Wrap Ring + Lise hoops.

This perfect running-out-the-door jewelry set adds a golden gleam to your outfit. The Lise c-hoops are gold vermeil earrings that are cute, crisp, and just right for everyday. And, the Siri wrap ring is an artsy gold vermeil ring that adds a bit of creative detail to your look. You can wear this gilded duo with almost anything, outfits and stacking jewelry alike.


sigrid gemstone earrings and necklace rose quartz

Some of us like jewelry that gently accentuates our natural glow, and our Sigrid Gemstone Duo—a matching earring and necklace set—does just that.

The gemstone jewelry combination of the Sigrid Necklace and Sigrid Earrings in rose quartz is delicate and feminine, whilst also coming in three other soft gemstone colors—citrine, blue topaz, and amethyst—to cater to all tastes. Sigrid accommodates a lovely gold vermeil jewelry setting that wraps around the gem and then tapers up and over to create an understated yet stunning piece.

Our Sigrid pieces are universally flattering: they will spruce up your casual wear and pair nicely with your dressy attire.

Keep life sweet and simple… and sparkling with the many styles in our Jewelry Collection, where you’ll get plenty of ideas to create your own stunning combinations.

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