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How To Measure Your Ring Size - Sizing Guide, Ways to Measure, and Tips | Linjer Jewelry

It can be confusing trying to find the perfect fit, especially when you're buying rings online.

Whether you're looking for your first ring or at engagement rings to adorn your ring finger, we've got you covered! 

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Read on for three simple ways to measure your correct ring size, quick tips, and some info on international ring size conversions.

Ring Size Chart

Our ring sizes all use standard US measurements. Confusingly, different countries (like the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Switzerland) all have their own measurement systems. There are plenty of conversion ring size charts online so you can easily translate between the two.

Linjer Ring Size EU Ring Size Inner Diameter of Ring (mm) Finger Circumference (mm)
3 44-45 ~14.1 ~44.2
4 46-47 ~14.9 ~46.7
5 48-50 ~15.7 ~49.3
6 51-52 ~16.5 ~51.3
7 53-55 ~17.3 ~55.0
8 56-58 ~18.2 ~57.8
9 59-60 ~19.1 ~60.0
10 61-63 ~19.8 ~62.2


Whether you're looking to figure out your own ring size, or your partner's size, make sure to refer to our printable ring size chart above—and if you're between sizes, we suggest to choose the bigger size!

FYI: the most common ring sizes for women's ring fingers are 6 and 7.

The Ring Diameter Method:

Measure an existing ring that you own

measure ring for ring size

This one is quick and simple! If you already own a ring that fits the intended finger, simply:

  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimetres (see image above)
  • Check the ring size chart above in the "Ring Diameter (mm)" column to find the ring size

The Finger Circumference Method #1

Use a Ring Sizer

ring sizer tool measure finger

If you have a ring sizing tool like the one in the picture above, you're in luck! This is a really easy way to figure out your ring size.

  • Choose which finger you want the ring for. Remember, your fingers are all different sizes!
  • Push the end of the ring sizer through the 'buckle' so it forms a ring shape, and slide the sizer onto the intended finger.
  • Adjust the tightness until you have a comfortable fit. Shake your fingers a bit to make sure it's not too loose!
  • When you have the right fit, read the size indicated by the arrow. In the example below, the model's middle finger is a size 8.5

Is your finger a whole size? Easy peasy! Select that size.

Is your finger a half size? Most jewelry brands (like us) sell only whole sizes. To figure out the best fit for you, adjust the ring sizer to the nearest whole sizes (for example—if you're a size 6.5, adjust the ring sizer to a 6 and try it on, then a 7 and repeat) and choose which one feels more comfortable. If you're not sure, it's always safer to choose the bigger size!

The Finger Circumference Method #2

At-home DIY solutions

Okay, okay -- we don't have all ring sizers lying around at home! But you can easily obtain an accurate measurement of your finger at home with some common household items.

You will need a piece of thin string, dental floss or strip of paper; a pen; and a measuring tape or ruler.

Measure ring size at home DIY solution

  • Wrap the intended finger snugly with a piece of string/floss or strip of paper.
  • Use a pen to mark where the string/floss/paper meets around your finger
  • Straighten out the string/floss/paper and measure it against a ruler in millimetres
  • Check the ring size chart in the "Finger Circumference (mm)" to find your correct size!

Tips for Measuring Your Ring Size

Gold rings moonstone rings stacked on fingers
  • Make sure your fingers are at a "normal" size when you measure them. Fingers shrink a bit in cold weather, and they swell after you've had alcohol, or after you've exercised.
  • If your knuckle is particularly big, you may want to choose a bigger ring size so that the ring can fit over the knuckle
  • Size differences between your left and right hand often exist! Fingers are also fickle creatures that like to change sizes through the seasons (eg when you're in hot weather, they may swell a little) and during pregnancy.
  • What's a good fit like? Your ring should slip on easily, but be snug and slightly difficult to remove.

Any finger can be a ring finger with our handy ring size chart! Make sure to stop by our main jewelry collection page, or take some time to browse our gold vermeil and sterling silver ring collections to put your new expertise on ring size measurement methods to good use. 

Good luck and go forth!

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