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Our Favorite Eco-luxe Diamond Rings | Linjer Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” “A diamond is forever.” Diamonds have certainly inspired a slogan or two. While the jury is still out on whether or not diamonds make for good best friends, diamonds may very well be “forever.”

What is it about these virtually indestructible isometric crystals that has inspired poets and artists to sing their praises throughout the centuries, so much so that they’ve become the emblem of true love?

diamond ring stack solitaire diamond ring eternity ring miriam ring

Yes, diamonds are symbolic of everlasting love, clarity, and perseverance. Diamonds are also associated with the crown chakra, a source of enlightenment and wisdom.

At Linjer, we’re proud of our commitment to conflict-free diamonds and sustainable jewelry.

Our ethically sourced diamonds receive a helping hand in their growing process. They are chemically and structurally equal to the diamonds found in nature… but without the drama. That’s right: the dazzling lab created diamonds used in our fair trade jewelry are free from exploitation, violence, and dangerous working conditions! Because who wants gemstones with that kind of energy anyways?

Whether hand-cut or in a pavé band, the lovely lab-grown beauties in our ethically sourced jewelry have inspired some of Linjer’s most stunning designs.

But, our Eco-luxe collection doesn’t stop there: Linjer’s ethical jewelry line is also made from eco-friendly 14k gold and sterling silver. Curious as to why you should wear recycled gold and silver jewelry? Read our post to find out all the positive impacts of eco friendly jewelry. (Hint: it’s not just your wallet that will be thanking you).

Diamonds are Classic

diamond solitaire ring

There is nothing quite like a gold diamond engagement ring in all its crystalline glory. And, Linjer’s Solitaire Diamond Ring, a divine round-cut diamond on an elegantly tapered 14k gold band, does not disappoint. This classic design is a lovely choice for those who prefer ethically sourced engagement rings and sustainable gold jewelry for special occasions.

If you’re curious about 14k gold, read our Gold Guide to learn about the different types and qualities of gold jewelry, why 14k is a luxury standard, and what makes ours sustainable.

Diamonds are Contemporary

ilse luxe diamond ring

Ethical diamond ring lovers are falling for the modern Ilse Luxe because no one’s ever seen a 14k gold diamond ring quite like her before. Ilse may be modern in that her design is innovative, but she is also timeless in the way she takes us back to our origins. Each of the sustainable diamonds that grace this solid gold band has a beautiful, organic shape, as if you stumbled upon them and kept them untouched.

Diamonds are Forever

diamond eternity ring

Just like with “forever,” you’ll never know where our Diamond Eternity Ring stops or starts because its circle of ethical diamonds is endless, and that’s the point of an eternity band. The dazzle of this pave diamond ring goes on and on, just like the love of the one who gifts it to you.

The eternity band is another one of our favorite choices when it comes to sustainable engagement rings—perfect for an engagement ring stack.

Diamonds are for Everyday

14k gold karoline luxe diamond ring

While diamonds are definitely known as luxury items and markers of special occasions, Linjer has always been a proponent of everyday luxury, and that’s why we’ve included diamond rings for daily wear in our lineup. The Karoline Luxe Diamond Ring is an open-style gold ring with a diamond stud on each end. This dainty ring is perfect for creating playful ring stacks and styling your casualwear. Diamonds may be forever, but they’re also for everyday.

You don’t have to wait for a proposal to have your own 14k diamond ring. Girl, we’re living in the 21st century; if you want a diamond ring, you deserve to get yourself one. That’s why Linjer is committed not just to sustainability (eco) but also to accessibility (luxe).

Luxurious sustainable jewelry and eco friendly diamonds are for everyone, so go ahead and oo-and-ah at all of the fabulous designs in our Eco-Luxe Collection!

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