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Jewelry made from recycled metals is an eco-friendly alternative to traditionally mined jewelry. It can also be a more cost-effective choice for consumers who want a high-quality piece at an affordable price.

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The need for recycling jewelry has become apparent in recent years as concerns about environmental and social impacts of gold mining have grown. You can help reduce these impacts by choosing jewelry made from recycled metals over pieces made from newly mined ones.

Recycled gold (and sterling silver) can be just as beautiful and durable as newly mined metals, without the environmental impacts that come with mining operations.

  • Environmental impacts: Water pollution, sediment runoff, acid mine drainage, and soil contamination, among others.
  • Social issues: Unsafe labor practices, lack of access to potable water, and inadequate housing for those living near mining operations, according to the World Gold Council.

Recycled gold is one of the most popular metals used in fine jewelry today due to its durability and affordability relative to newer forms of precious metals like platinum or palladium. However, there are many other reasons why someone would choose it over newly sourced materials.

newly sourced materials.

Why Choose Recycled Metals Over New

It's affordable, yet high-quality

As an eco-conscious and frugal shopper, you may be looking at the jewelry on your dresser and wondering how to upgrade your look without breaking the bank. You don’t have to sacrifice style for budget or the environment for your ring stack. Recycled silver and gold are a mindful shopper’s best friend!

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It's better for the environment

Because recycled metals are made from pre-existing sources of metal, they do not require as much energy or pollution-causing chemicals during their creation process. This makes them more eco-friendly than traditionally mined jewelry.

Recycled metals don’t:
  • Involve strip mining or cyanide leaching.
  • Generate toxic waste in the same way that conventional mining does.
  • Contribute to air pollution by burning fossil fuels to power smelters or haul ore out of mines, which saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
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There’s a growing awareness of the need for recycling jewelry, especially as concerns about the environmental and social impacts of gold mining have grown among consumers. By choosing jewelry made from recycled metals over pieces made from newly mined ones, you can help reduce these impacts.

Our Sustainable Jewelry is Stunning and Eco-Friendly

If you're a consumer who cares about the environment, look no further. Sustainability is a core value of our studio. The silver and gold in our jewelry are recycled using an eco-friendly process. It's never sourced from new mining practices, which can be unsafe and damaging to the environment. Because of this, your purchase not only supports fair labor practices. but also helps conserve natural resources worldwide!

Pear Shaped Ring - Martine

As consumers, we have the power to change the jewelry industry by choosing recycled metals over newly mined ones. By purchasing recycled gold and silver, you can help reduce environmental impacts from mining operations and support responsible labor practices. If you're looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional jewelry, look no further than our beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, which are made from recycled metals!


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