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Our Top 5 Hoop Earrings | Linjer Jewelry

As one of the oldest adornments in human history, hoop earrings carry a lot of gravitas for such a little piece of jewelry. From their origins traced back to 2500 B.C.E in Mesopotamia, worn by Sumerian women, hoop earrings have held significant meanings for many cultures around the world—from status symbols in ancient societies to their present-day significance as a symbol of identity and empowerment.

The ubiquity of hoop earrings has stood the test of time, as they’re enduringly popular the world over. Nowadays, owning one or more pairs of hoops has become as much of a fashion staple as owning jeans or a classic white t-shirt. Whether you like your hoops small, large, fine, or chunky, read our rundown of Linjer’s top 5 Hoop Earrings, and you’ll easily find your faves!

Pretty in Pearls

14k gold huggie earrings with pearl alicia on ear

In no particular order, we commence our Top 5 with the stunning Alicia 14k Gold Huggie Earrings with Pearl. Huggie hoops are small hoop earrings that ‘hug’ the ear, with a hinged clasp at the back (see our Hugs and Hoops Guide). These exquisite solid gold hoop earrings feature a round freshwater pearl dangling from each hoop.

The combination of the small gold hoops with real pearls adds an elegant touch to office wear and evening wear alike—pearl hoop earrings attract admiration wherever you may roam! To get the look without blowing your budget, you might also want to check out our Kirsten Pearl Huggie Earrings in gold vermeil.

Stacking Superstars

Eva Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings on ear

Our Eva Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings, with their white topaz gemstone studs, offer up a more textured flair and some sparkle to boot. For a bit of ear stacking, you’ll find that these pair exceptionally well with sleek hoops, like an ear cuff.

Sterling silver hoops give off a cool, crisp vibe, and if layering is your thing, you can mix the gold and sterling silver hoop earrings of this duo together—and even add other small studs from our collection if you have more ear piercings. The possibilities are endless!

Dainty Loops and Hula Hoops

Gold Hoop Earrings Set on ear

There’s no doubt about it: classic slender gold hoop earrings of any diameter are timeless, trendy, and here to stay. If you’re starting out your hoop collection, consider a climber gold hoop set ranging from small to large hoop earrings that you can mix and match with different outfits—something like our Gold Hoop Earrings Set is a great place to start, or splurge for the luxe-yet-affordable 14k gold hoops version.

This set consists of three pairs of gold hoops in varying sizes to vary with your mood. So, whenever you want to up the ante with your look, you can change it up from delicately dainty to big and bold.

Let’s Do The Twist

Hilde Organic Hoops Silver on ear

For a literal and figurative twist on the classic hoop, we bring to you our textured queens, the Hilde Organic Hoops Silver—statement pieces of medium hoop thickness with maximum texture.

The unique and subtle curve of these organic silver hoops gives a soft Spring vibe that looks great with your Spring tones, creamy whites, and florals. Plus, Hilde’s swirled-yet-structured style pairs just as well with blousy garments as it does with sleek suits.

Go Thick, or Go Home

Jorunn Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings on ear

If you like thick, you’ll love our Jorunn Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings—the chunkiest of chunky hoops in the best possible way. The tapered swoosh of the Jorunn hoop is oh-so-aesthetically pleasing and quite classy.

Though smaller in diameter, these chic small gold hoop earrings look fabulous entirely on their own as they make a mini hoop earrings statement. Wear these super pairable thick gold hoops with anything from smart leisure wear (think classy linen two-piece) to semi-formal (hello cocktail dress).

No matter the size, texture, or style, hoop earrings are the ultimate versatile accessory: you’ll never be overdressed or underdressed in hoops, for any occasion.

Our hoop earrings are lightweight, so they’ll never drag your earlobe down. For our full range of heavenly hoops and huggies, check out our Hoops and Huggies Collection page!

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