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Huggie hoop earrings are such a stylish jewelry trend that we honestly think they’re here to stay!

Huggies are comfortable, versatile, minimal, and classic. These earrings will easily go down in the annals of jewelry history as timeless.

14k Gold Hoops - Sonia

What are huggie earrings? Huggie hoops are pretty much exactly what they sound like. If you guessed that they are a type of hoop earring that hugs your ear, you got it right.

Huggies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Read through this short article to learn more about huggies and how to style them.

Wearing Huggie Earrings

What is the Difference Between a Huggie Hoop and a Regular Hoop?

The difference between regular hoops and huggie hoops mostly comes down to diameter.

Regular hoops can have a large diameter, like our 30mm Rebecca Hoop Earrings. The metal wire that forms the regular hoop is also usually quite thin. Another characteristic of hoops is that they can come in a C-hoop design, like these Lise Small Hoop Earrings.

Small Hoop Earrings - Lise

Huggies will always have a small diameter, sometimes 1 cm or less—like these 10mm Sonia 14k Gold Huggie Earrings. This is what makes them appear to “hug” or wrap around the earlobe. The earring seems to be pressed onto the earlobe as if it were a cuff, which is the second key difference between hoops and huggie hoops.

The latch on a hoop earring is often visible. But, the latch or closure on the huggie is designed to flow seamlessly into the hoop so that it remains unseen, which also makes it look like it is “hugging” your ear. Don’t be deceived though, you need pierced ears to wear huggies.

Though it isn’t a qualifying characteristic, huggies are often quite thick. They can be engraved or encrusted, like diamond huggie earrings. They can also come in an oval, square, or chevron shape.

What’s Great About Wearing Huggie Earrings

There are many benefits to wearing huggie hoops:

  • No butterfly backs. Who among us hasn’t struggled with an earring back or even lost an earring because the back fell off?
  • Unlike a cuff, it’s almost impossible for a huggie to fall off.
  • They can be worn anywhere the ear is pierced, including the helix, tragus, or antihelix.
  • Huggies are much more comfortable than other earring designs. There is no latch or post to poke into your neck. So, if you can’t take a nap on the plane or the subway… it won’t be because of your earrings.
  • For the same reason, they won’t tear your clothing or the sofa.
  • They are ideal for athletes. Because they are lightweight and hug your ears, you don’t risk having them get torn out while in motion.
  • They can be styled for many different occasions!

How to Style Your Huggies

There’s a huggie style for every context.

A small silver huggie hoop earring—like this Mini Hoop is great for everyday wear. It has fun puzzle-piece detail and can be worn as a single piece in your extra piercings for a bohemian look.

Mini Hoop and Silver Ear Cuff

For something a bit more dressed-up, the Kirsten Huggie Earrings with Pearls are a great choice. And, these beautiful Eva Gem Huggie Earrings are sure to elevate your look.

Find your perfect pair of hoops or huggies on our Huggie and Hoops Collection page!


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