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Jewelry in Each Season of Life | Linjer Jewelry

There is no such thing as too old or too young when it comes to jewelry. Women of all ages deserve to celebrate their evolving styles and passions! And, at Linjer, we’re so here for it.

Of course, we fully believe that you can wear whatever whenever, so long as it makes you feel as fabulous as you are. We also get that what you love to wear at 17 may be different from what you love at 73. So, here are some of our thoughts on different pieces for different seasons of life.

Wild and Free

Your teens are the perfect years to experiment, play, and be creative. You’re discovering who you are and what you love, and, hey, it’s ok if that changes from week to week or even from day to day. :)

Ella chain earrings

You can be feminine and frilly on Monday yet daring and edgy on Tuesday with something like our Ella Chain Earrings. These nifty earrings are a quirky version of classic jewelry staple, cubic zirconia studs with a dangling chain that loops from front to back. In fact, we’re not entirely sure if our Ella earrings are studs, dangles, or hoops, but that’s ok because—just like you—they don’t need a label.

And for the rest of the week, don’t forget to check out our Back to School Jewelry Guide to give you some teen jewelry style inspo!

Fresh and Profesh

So, technically you’ve grown up, but we know that you’ve still got so many dreams and experiences ahead. You’re just getting started, and the world has yet to see all you’ve got planned.

Monica gemstone ring

In our 20s, some of us are already honing our signature style, while others of us are just starting to try on more sophisticated pieces—like the unique Monica Gemstone Ring, an oval-shaped, diamond-esque gemstone surrounded by pastry-like textured detailing. Trust us; it’s time to give your graduation rings a rest.

At this point, you’re also probably putting together professional work looks, jewelry included; of course, you want to look “profesh” but still be fun and expressive.

zodiac necklaces with charm pendant

We have pieces that are both playful and professional, like the Zodiac Necklace with Charm Pendant —a bordered golden charm with a whimsy drawing of your birth sign.

Sexy and Sophisticated

Thirty (or forty-something), flirty, and thriving? Own it. Whether you previously dreaded the big 3-0 or you couldn’t wait—if you’ve entered your confident years, you know that Jennifer Garner’s character was on to something!

mother of pearl earrings

You finally feel comfortable dressing as sexy and sophisticated as you truly are, and there’s no reason to hold back. Highlight your allure with our Mother of Pearl Earrings, delicate leaf-shaped dangles with a textured mother-of-pearl center and a golden frame.

Fun, Fabulous, and Free again

With the kids out of the house and your working years behind you, it’s time to let your hair down and have some serious fun! You’re free again and just as free as ever to wear colorful and bold designs.

hilde organic hoops

That’s right, some of us re-find our youthful spirit when we hit our golden years. And, speaking of golden, these quirky Hilde Organic Hoops are super cute if you’re looking for retirement gifts for her or you.

green amethyst statement necklace doublet peaceful heart

Or, re-capture your fun side with gemstone jewelry, like the Peaceful Heart Statement Necklace in Honeydew, a generously-sized green amethyst gemstone hung from a glittering gold chain.

Sparkling and Serene

Whether you have your own grandchildren or you’re a grandmum to those in your community, you’ve earned the right to wear whatever you like.

With each year you gain, you keep a piece of yourself from every year that’s come before. So, yes, you’re a beloved grandma, and you’re a romantic teenager, perhaps a beaming bride and marvelous mother, and you’re most definitely a trailblazing woman of the world, who’s done and seen some amazing things.

marte locket necklace

You may like to wear nostalgic pieces that reflect your years of wisdom—like our lovely Marte Photo Locket Necklace—or brilliant pieces that sparkle as brightly as you, like these bedazzled Eva Huggie Hoop Earrings.

eva huggie hoops ida star stud ear cuff

Find the timeless jewelry pieces you love in our Fine Jewelry Collection because, in wearing what you love, you celebrate all the seasons of your life and inspire the generations behind you to do the same.

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