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The Best Jewelry to Wear to Work | Linjer Jewelry

Curating your professional jewelry collection is a labor of love that can span years. Your work jewelry collection will transform over time as your professional role and personal taste evolves. Eventually, your collection will reflect your sense of how you want to present yourself to the world.

Grete Triple Hoop Earrings

Jewelry for work should be a blend of your personality and your sense of professionalism. These are the pieces that you will wear most frequently, so each piece needs to strike the balance between everyday jewelry that is comfortable and elegant jewelry that will elevate your look, helping you to step into your role with confidence and joy.

Many of Linjer’s designs—from timeless to contemporary—are just the right jewelry to wear to work. Below, we’ve created an inspiration list to help you craft your own professional jewelry style.

For the Creative Leader

The work jewelry of a lawyer will look different than that of, say, an artistic director. It all depends on where “the office” is for you. So, when picking out your jewelry, look for pieces that will harmonize with the overall tone and energy of your workplace.

If you like playful pieces and you work in an environment that allows for a bit of imagination in your attire, go for tasteful personalized jewelry!

Something like our Initial Necklace—a dainty gold jewelry necklace featuring your letter of choice—is playful but still polished and perfect for the workplace.

Initial Necklace

For the Strategic Thinker

Less is more, when you work in a sector that calls for practicality and innovation. You can create a refined, contemporary look with simple gold jewelry that is minimal and geometric in design.

Rings are a wonderful way to add some geometry to your outfit, and our 14k Solid Gold Circle Ring is just the piece. This ring is a classic gold band, cleverly interrupted by a smaller circle that creates a minimal centerpiece. It’s the perfect minimal jewelry ring that will add some originality to your look.

Gold Circle Ring

For the Open Communicator

You love expressive, sparkling pieces, but you work in a role where you can’t always wear all the glamorous jewelry in your collection? Look instead for simple and dainty jewelry that blends glamor with minimalism so that you can stay professional and still express yourself.

Our Malin Gemstone Bracelet is a single starry gemstone suspended by an ultra-delicate chain that won’t get in your way at work. Essentially, Malin is a feminine bracelet that will allow you to present yourself in a tasteful way that still hints at your romantic side.

Malin Gemstone Bracelet

For the Deal Closer

Select simple elegant jewelry to create a professional look that commands the thoughtful attention you deserve. Favoring earrings is also a subtle way to keep focus around your face.

These Grete Triple Hoop Earrings—symmetrical gold hoops—are the ultimate in classy confidence. The Grete earrings are small in size, so they won’t overpower you because you’re the one who should be doing the talking. Put your best foot forward, command the room, and close the deal with these classy professional earrings.

Grete Triple Hoop Earrings

Within our fine jewelry collection, you're sure to find the ideal jewelry to wear to work. Remember, a piece that tastefully expresses your personality is a piece that makes you feel centered and confident. And that’s what professionalism is all about.


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