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5 Reasons Why Women Love Linjer | Linjer Jewelry

Plumeria Flower Ring

At Linjer we believe every woman deserves to wear authentic ware. Come with us as we take meaningful strides across the jewelry and accessory industry—no more outmoded and out-of-touch brands, no more questionable materials, no more outlandish mark-ups.

Our raison d'être is to expand access to quality, wearer-centered fine jewelry and accessories that you’ll love—not just because of their timeless designs, but because of the way you’ll wear them.

How do we know that each customer wears her jewelry with confidence? Because we know how much care and intention she puts into selecting genuine pieces that make her shine.

Here are 5 reasons she prefers Linjer.

1. She is Elegant

Tennis Necklace

The word elegant comes from the Latin, ēligere, meaning "to select". Women who shop Linjer are selective about the quality of the items that make up their lives.

Everything she chooses to bring home—even her pearl necklaces and gemstone jewelry— is an investment in her well-being and her lifestyle.

That’s why we use materials befitting of leading luxury brands to make high-quality jewelry: sterling silver, gold vermeil, and solid 14k gold alongside carefully selected gemstones replete with their natural energy.

We choose high quality so that you can choose elegance every day.

2. She is Original

Aurora Gemstone Ring

Linjer carries an expansive range of one-of-a-kind pieces—with new arrivals each season—that are both vanguard and as timeless as she is.

We know that she has carefully cultivated her look over the years to reflect her unique personality; that’s why we’re obsessed with design.

Our thoughtfully crafted pieces allow you to continue creating your own original looks that will always be in step with the times.

3. She is Conscientious

Mathilde Pearl Drop Earrings

She is conscientious about the environment, and so are we! Our customers love the natural world and fair trade and want to protect them as much as we do. They insist on sustainable jewelry.

This was one of our main reasons for founding Linjer in the first place. We were done with the “throwaway fashion” industry that makes use of questionably sourced materials.

That’s why we’re committed to ethical jewelry, eco-friendly practices, and to forming all of our pieces from sustainably and ethically sourced materials that are designed to last you a lifetime.

4. She is Thriving

Don't Look Back Ring and Eli Pearl Bracelet

She thrives while she enjoys luxury jewelry and luxury-quality items without the wallet-worry. Linjer shoppers know how to shop, and they never settle.

We work directly with the same people who supply luxury brands but without the overhead expenses and inflated name-brand prices, so we can bring you affordable jewelry. You can read our story and learn about how we keep our prices low and our quality high.

Our role is to give you the ability to invest in long-lasting, beautiful accessories— necklaces, bracelets, handbags, watches, and everything in between—that make you feel great, all while doing less harm to your wallet.

5. She is Empowered

Plumeria Flower Ring

A Linjer customer knows that she deserves to invest in herself. She knows her worth and her capability.

Creating a space in the market for thriving, empowered customers is at the core of what we do. We are a brand that stands with women, and our mission is to empower women around the world with access to luxe, sustainable jewelry at fair prices.

Wearing jewelry is supposed to make you feel beautiful and confident. So, our mission is to create jewelry that allows you to channel that inner confidence and be as radiant as you truly are.

With qualities like these, we can’t help but love our customers, and they can’t help but love us.

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