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5 Jewelry Gifts For a Bride-To-Be | Linjer Jewelry

Weddings are a time of celebration, laughter, and gift giving—tokens of the overflowing joy of the newlyweds, their friends, and their family. Indeed, gifts are given all around.

While the bride and groom certainly do their fair share of gift giving (mostly to the wedding party), there are certainly occasions when friends and family might want to give a little something—such as wedding jewelry—to the bride herself for her big day.

From the wedding shower to the wedding day, we’ve got you covered with the best bridal jewelry gifts for the special bride-to-be.

Eli Pearl Bracelet

From a friend

Eli pearl bracelet and janne mother of pearl ring

Need a wedding gift for a bride? Maybe you’re not quite sure what to bring as a wedding shower gift. While it’s common to give a house-warming type gift, let’s not forget that brides are often just beginning to put together a fine jewelry collection for life after the wedding.

She’ll love a classic jewelry piece to add polish to her attire as a newly dubbed “Mrs.”. The flirty Eli Pearl Bracelet is a gold vermeil chain featuring a single baroque pearl a space away from a sky blue topaz gemstone. Eli is both casual and dressy with a beachy feel that will make any bride-to-be ready for her honeymoon.

Celine Pearl Necklace

From her maid-of-honor

Celine pearl necklace

While she’ll probably have a few gifts up her sleeve for you—you guys know that you can’t out give each other, and you want her to feel prepared for all the upcoming events: engagement party, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner.

Nothing says “wedding” quite like diamond jewelry or pearl jewelry. So, this elegant wedding necklace, a pearl pendent accented with a diamond-esque cubic zirconia stud set in sterling silver will definitly put her in the wedding spirit. Our Pearl Necklace - Celine is versatile enough to wear to various wedding-related events, and it will bring out her radiance all the way up to her big day.

Ilse Luxe Diamond Ring

From her parents

Ilse luxe diamond ring

She’ll always be your princess, and you’re so proud of the woman she’s become. If you want to give your daughter something extra special to commemorate this significant milestone in her life, consider a playful diamond ring that she can wear together with her engagement ring and wedding band.

Our Ilse Luxe Diamond Ring pairs beautifully with wedding band stacks to make a wedding jewelry set. The four uniquely-shaped diamonds form a glittering row across this 14k gold ring. Or, depending on her taste and your budget, you can find Ilse in a few other varieties including sterling silver with white topaz or together with our Charlotte Baguette Ring in this stacking ring set fit for a princess.

Marianne Pearl Drop Earrings

From her in-laws

Marianne pearl drop earrings

You never thought anyone would be good enough for your son, but now that you’ve met your daughter-in-law-to-be, you realize just how lucky he is. Welcome her to the family with our lovely Marianne Pearl Drop Earrings—an elegant pair of bridal earrings.

These pearl earrings feature two lustrous freshwater pearls suspended by white topaz studs of diamond-like brilliance set in sterling silver—certainly befitting of a bride. She’s sure to cherish them, and she may just want to wear them as her “something-new.” Indeed, the Marianne drops are wedding-dress worthy, and they pair beautifully with the Celine necklace to form a bridal jewelry set.

Tuva Trillion Earrings

From the groom

London blue topaz tuva trillion cut earrings

She’s your best friend, your lover, your other half. She’s a 10, no buts. You’ve already swept her off her feet with an engagement ring—pinch yourself, she said yes—and you're about to exchange wedding bands.

After two rings, you might want to give her a necklace or pair of wedding earrings as the wedding day jewelry gift for your bride, a sweet tradition that helps quiet wedding day jitters.

She may have already picked out her “something-blue”, but we still love blue topaz jewelry for wedding day gift exchanges because blue topaz symolizes trust and true love.

If you give her blue topaz dangle earrings like our London Blue Topaz Tuva Trillion Earrings, made extra sparkly by their trillion cut and extra dazzling in their gold vermeil setting, she’ll be reminded of the love and loyalty that she receives in taking your hand.

When looking for jewelry for a bride to be, you’ll love the beautiful range of choices in our Bridal Jewelry Collection!

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