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At Linjer, we love timeless designs because we know that the fashions of decades past always have a way of sneaking back. And, this year, we’re loving the nod to the 90s.

So, we’ve curated a list of everyone's favorite oh-so-90s jewelry trends, reimagined. Because, in 2022, this blast from the past—an eclectic mix of grunge, glamor, and fringe—is all grown up.

Name Necklaces

Right along with flower power, charm and name necklaces hit the scene in the late 90s. It was a fun way to personalize, and we bet you can remember the excitement of scanning the shelves at the jewelry store for your name.

Linjer’s classy gold Initial Necklace—a single letter in gold vermeil—is our tip of the hat to this nostalgic 90s jewelry trend.

initial necklace A

Mood Rings

Who doesn’t remember mood rings?! Originally invented in the hippie 70s, these magical mood-reading rocks and similar natural gemstone rings are back again.

But, who's looking back? Our Don’t Look Back Ring—in your choice of dreamy color—is a contemporary ode to a forgotten marvel. Plus, this is a gemstone statement ring that will remind you that no matter your past, each day you get to define what you're all about.

Don't look back ring amalfi blue

Choker Come Back

Maybe you never imagined that chokers would return, or maybe you’ve been missing them like mad. Either way, choker necklaces are an undeniably iconic look from the 90s. Though, in reality, chokers have fallen in and out of fashion for centuries.

If you want a choker necklace that will stay with you through the decades, try another centuries-old icon: the pearl choker. Our Ingrid Pearl Necklace is the grown-up girl's throwback choker: the perfect combination of timeless glamor and 90s edge.

Ingrid pearl necklace

Drop Gemstone Earrings

While we saw a lot of statement earrings in colorful, geometric shapes in the 80s, in the 90s, delicate dangle earrings took center stage as people fell more in love with crystals.

Our Tuva Trillion Earrings, featuring trillion-cut topaz gemstones on a dainty hook, are reminiscent of the sparkling 90s gem trend: glamorous enough to make a statement but subtle enough to wear any day of the week.

Tuva trillion earrings london blue topaz

Hoop Earrings

Another 70s replay, hoop earrings are back in a big way, and the bigger the better, or at least that’s how it was in the 90s. It wasn’t uncommon to see big hoop earrings down to the shoulders—-ok that may be a bit of hoop-hyperbole—but then again, maybe not.

Still, hoops are a sneaky jewelry trend that is also secretly timeless. Hoop earrings of all shapes and sizes have been loved across cultures and throughout centuries. So, you should enjoy wearing whatever style of hoops suits your best. You might just love our Britt Large Hoop Earrings. These 35 mm c-hoops have a sleek flattened shape that don’t quite go all the way round, giving them a sophisticated glow-up.

Britt large hoop earrings

Colorful Beaded Necklaces

Our last tribute to the 90s is once again in the form of a pearl necklace. Strings of beads were totally happening in the 90s—beaded chokers, beaded bracelets, you name it, and often with very colorful beads (like those of our Turquoise Necklace).

That said, we know that the 80s and 90s babies who wore them might like a slightly more mature version today, and our Katja Pearl Necklace is just the thing. Katja—a simple string of tiny oval pearls—is classy, relaxed, and quite versatile. So, wear her to the beach or wear her to work—wherever you like to get your 90s on.

Katja Pearl Necklace

For more dateless designs inspired by decades past, be sure to check out all of the pieces in our gorgeously varied Jewelry Collection!


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