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All About Locket Necklaces | Linjer Jewelry

There are few pieces of jewelry as beloved and iconic as the locket necklace. These sentimental necklaces are known for their locket charms, which open to store keepsakes and treasures. Crafted in all shapes, sizes, and materials, locket necklaces are found in vintage designs and modern silhouettes.

marte locket necklace

Whether you have a locket that’s been passed down for generations or are looking for a meaningful gift, learn the history and significance of these keepsake necklaces.

What Is a Locket Necklace?

These pendant necklaces have a locket charm that opens up to reveal a small compartment inside. From photos of loved ones to dried flowers and poems to quotes, there are many types of personal tokens you can store inside.

Often made of gold or silver, locket necklaces are even crafted in other materials like brass or copper. Lockets are worn as necklaces, but sometimes locket charms are found on bracelets.

Marte locket necklace

The History of Lockets

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries. The word “locket” comes from the old French word “luquette” meaning a “small case or box of gold or silver in which jewels are kept.

They evolved from ancient amulets — believed to give the wearer positive properties — and began appearing in the 16th century when they were worn to ward off evil spirits. By the Victorian era in the 19th century, lockets were very prominent in Europe. Queen Elizabeth I of England wore a locket ring containing a picture of her mother.

Now locket necklaces are more than just keepsakes; they’re symbols of one’s personality and interests.

What Do Locket Necklaces Symbolize?

Locket necklaces are a symbol of love. They're often given as gifts to partners, family members, and friends. In these cases, lockets usually contain photos the wearer can keep close. Sometimes, lockets are gifted to someone who lost an immediate family member; they wear these necklaces to remember their loved one.

Marte locket necklace with picture

How to Style a Locket Necklace

Lockets are timeless pieces of jewelry that are perfect to layer with other necklaces. Available in all shapes and sizes, there are many different locket styles and chain lengths. Here are two different ways to style a locket necklace for any occasion:

  1. Wear it with matching jewelry. Pair a locket necklace with chunky hoops and a chain bracelet in matching metals for a cohesive, on-trend look.
  2. Layer it with other necklaces. Locket necklaces are stunning on their own or layered with other dainty necklaces. Layer your locket with a chain choker necklace and strand necklace in matching or mixed metals to make a statement.
Marte locket necklace

Not sure what to keep inside of your locket necklace? Here are a few ideas on how to make your locket your own:

  • A picture of a loved one
  • Folded note or letter
  • Your favorite mantra
  • Dried flowers
  • Fabric from a wedding dress
  • Message engraved on the inside

Wear Keepsakes Close to Your Heart with a Locket Necklace

Marte locket necklace

The locket necklace is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. Lockets are easy to wear daily because of their simple, yet stunning appearance. Add a locket necklace to your jewelry collection with our Marte Locket Necklace in gold vermeil or sterling silver. We love this style because it’s easy to style with other Linjer necklaces, like our Hanne Bar Necklace or Figaro Chain Necklace.

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