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Even if you have your doubts about wearing pink, the many shades of rose quartz—from champagne to misty rose—will make you a believer in rose quartz jewelry. Indeed, you’ll fall in love with rose quartz not just for its varied shades of rose but also for its meaning and metaphysical properties—which, not surprisingly, have to do with love.

sigrid gemstone bracelet rose quartz

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family, one of the oldest and most abundant crystalline minerals on earth, made from silicon dioxide with a hexagonal-rhombohedral crystal structure. The rose quartz variety can get its rosy hues from titanium, iron, manganese phosphate, aluminum, and other trace minerals.

Rose quartz is also known for its hyaline or glasslike appearance, though it is translucent not transparent, unlike some types of quartz. In fact, the occasional milkiness from other trace minerals can be an indicator that your rose quartz is genuine.

All in all, rose quartz displays an entire spectrum of opacities from pearly to almost-see-through, like this rose quartz ring, the Anja Bezel Set Solitaire Ring.

anja bezel set solitaire ring rose quartz

How to Use Rose Quartz

Rose quartz benefits can play a significant role in many types of healing and energy balancing that are connected with the heart chakra. Many prominent ancient civilizations used rose quartz for decoration and cosmetic or anti-aging purposes, as well as wearing rose quartz for jewelry as protective and good-luck charms, which ultimately came to signify a sense of universal love.

Properties of Rose Quartz

sigrid gemstone bracelet rose quartz


As a heart-chakra gemstone, rose quartz’s healing properties are known to stimulate healthy circulation, keeping your heart’s flow unblocked and keeping your body looking and feeling optimum. This gemstone also plays a significant role in pregnancy, creating a smooth and gentle flow within the body and nourishing the mother-child bond.


Because rose quartz chakra is the heart chakra, it also stimulates and channels emotions of warmth and love; it can help you to cultivate safety and vulnerability within relationships, fostering love, compassion, and a sense of worthiness. And, just as love acts as a balm that heals emotional wounds, rose quartz can act as a medium that catalyzes the healing of emotional trauma.


Rose quartz is symbolic of unconditional love and divine femininity. If you incorporate rose quartz into your daily rituals, it can become part of your spiritual journey to develop the motherly qualities of gentleness, patience, and compassion, as well as the oft-neglected self-love. Rose quartz will especially help you to balance your giving and receiving energies, being open and able to both give and receive love. Not to mention, when grounded in love-centered intention, you’ll have more peace and clarity about your goals and desires.

While rose quartz properties motivate people to place the crystals around the home and even incorporate them into beauty products, a simple and beautiful way to keep this love-evoking gem close to your heart is to wear it as a necklace, such as the Sigrid Gemstone Necklace.

sigrid gemstone necklace rose quartz

Wearing Rose Quartz

Of course, rose quartz necklaces aren’t the only jewelry that you can wear to keep this powerful gemstone with you throughout the day. Many simple and beautiful designs incorporate rose quartz.

Because it is a gentle and calming gemstone, rose quartz is often found in delicate jewelry pieces, such as the Sigrid Gemstone Bracelet, or casual, dainty jewelry, like these rose quartz earrings: the Sigrid Gemstone Earrings.

sigrid gemstone earrings rose quartz

P.S. If you’re wondering how to charge rose quartz, leave your jewelry in gentle glow of the moonlight, but protect it from the the sun’s rays when you aren’t wearing it, as they can be too strong for this pacific gemstone.


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