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Best Friendship Jewelry Styles | Linjer Jewelry

What is a Friendship Bracelet?

If you're like us, you and your besties probably wore friendship bracelets growing up. Maybe it was one of those broken hearts that spelled BFF when joined together. You may have even made them yourselves! Who didn’t love arts-n-crafts time? But, just in case you missed the memo, we’ll let you in: friendship bracelets are jewelry—often a set of identical or matching jewelry—worn by very close friends.

Meaning Behind Friendship Bracelets

Even from a young age, we love symbolism, things that remind us that we are loved and connected. Friendship bracelets are an ode to the affection and devotion that we feel for our friends.

Half Tennis Bracelet

History of Friendship Bracelets

Since the bond of friendship is universal, it’s safe to bet that people from many cultures throughout history have shared adornments with each other as a badge of friendship. There is evidence of friendship bracelets dating back centuries in China and the Middle East.

The woven and beaded friendship bracelet with beautiful, bold colors and patterns—that many of us made and gave to our friends growing up—is styled after handiwork from Central America. In the local tradition, the ritual would include gifting someone with a piece that is meant to be worn until it falls off, symbolizing the enduring devotion between the wearers.

Another type of sentimental jewelry, with European origins, is the locket. Lockets are designed to keep what is most meaningful to us close-by. Though often used to maintain the memory of a lost loved one, lockets are more and more commonly worn amongst friends and family still here to keep them close to our hearts—even if they live far away.

Marte Locket Necklace

Of course friendship jewelry doesn’t have to come only in the form of a bracelet, and, though reminiscent of our girlhood days, friendship jewelry for adults is totally a thing.

Let’s take a peek at some stylish and fresh ideas—like matching rings and matching necklaces—that you’ll love wearing with your most cherished friends.

1. Astrological Flare

Zodiac Charm Necklace and Chinese Zodiac Necklace

Our Zodiac Charm Necklaces are a great example of matching necklaces for friends. The sleek modern design is perfect for everyday wear, and the zodiac symbol adds a touch of personalization, reminding you and your friends of the special traits you most appreciate about each other.

2. Fast Friends

Marte Locket Necklace

Lockets are a classic and nostalgic piece of jewelry for those who hold fast to their friendships. The Marte Locket Necklace, in gold or silver, is a graceful, dainty necklace to be shared between lifelong friends.

There is room inside for your favorite picture taken together or a petal of your best friend's favorite flower.

3. Other Half

Tennis Bracelet (Half)

Who says your proverbial other half can’t be your BFF? You guys do everything together anyways and—yeah—you know each other so well that you finish each other’s sentences.

Our Tennis Bracelet (Half) is a great matching friendship bracelet. Half paperclip chain in gold or silver—half cubic zirconia in blue or white.

More than one BFF? We get it. Even though the design of this bracelet is split into halves, the four distinct color combinations make this a great matching friendship bracelet set for a 4-way sisterhood.

4. Never Looked Back

Don't Look Back Ring in Baltic Blue

While our Don’t Look Back Ring was initially designed as an expression of wholesome self-love, we’ve come to find that it is also a wonderful matching best friend rings option for those who knew they were BFFs from the day they met and never looked back.

If you have special friends who are as thick now as you were on day one, you can each sport one of these beautiful gemstones that come in Baltic Blue, Honeydew, and Amalfi Blue.

Whether looking to surprise your favorite gal-pals with a gift or shopping together with your long-time BFF, at Linjer, you’ll find lots of fun and sophisticated pieces that work perfectly as matching friendship jewelry!


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