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We’ve been pondering: what is it about personalized jewelry that gets people so excited? (It certainly gets us excited).

Maybe it’s the sense that the piece belongs only to you—like engraved personalized jewelry—or that it expresses something unique about you—like personalized name jewelry. Or maybe it’s because it keeps a special memory close to you—like a locket.

But, even beyond these characteristics, we think it’s the sense of interaction that personalized jewelry gives us. Personalized jewelry invites us to take part in the design process; we get to pick out and decide on certain aspects of the piece that we want to wear or give.

Initial Necklace

Put a smile on someone’s face with our chic Initial Necklace in bright gold vermeil. The delicate cable chain of this gold personalized jewelry piece suspends a miniature-sized golden initial— any letter from A to Z.

These tiny letters are a great option for personalized jewelry for daughters or friends… or for you! Get creative. The initials can stand for your name or something or someone meaningful to you, and you can even layer two (or more) initials together.

Initial Necklace

Marte Locket

Keep your loved ones close to heart under the snappy sheen of our Marte Locket. This oval-shaped locket is 13x11cm in your choice of gold or silver, and is the perfect place to keep a picture of your little ones or significant other.

We think it’s a great choice for personalized mom jewelry and personalized jewelry for couples. And, the long chain gives the locket an especially romantic look.

Marte Locket Necklace, Monica Ring

Zodiac Necklace

Let the stars guide you with our line of constellation-inspired Zodiac Necklaces. This personalized engraved jewelry features a gold coin-shaped circle with a constellation etched into it. The stars themselves are represented in tiny white topaz studs.

This piece is the perfect personalized jewelry gift for anyone who loves astrology.

Zodiac Necklace

Inspiration Bracelet

Give your loved ones a permanent pep talk with these encouraging Inspirational Bracelets.

This slim and sleek 2x30mm gold or silver bar is engraved with one of three pick-me-up messages that will give the wearer just the cheer he or she needs to face the day.

We like this inspiration bracelet as personalized jewelry for women just as much as we like it as personalized jewelry for men.

Inspiration Bracelet

Birthstone Necklace

Make that special someone feel like it’s her birthday every day with our Birthstone Necklace. This simple and fetching necklace features any of the twelve birthday gemstones in a bezel cut set in a beaded border.

Whether choosing a birthstone necklace for yourself or someone else, you don’t have to limit yourself to birth month: Each stone has a special meaning that might remind you of the wearer or of your own values. And, of course, each of the precious gemstones is a different color…so you can always personalize according to favorite color!

Birthstone Necklace

Check out all of our personalized jewelry pieces—from personalized zodiac jewelry to personalized jewelry from mother’s day—on our Personalized Jewelry Collection page


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