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How to Stack Rings: Tips for Building Your Perfect Ring Stacks | Linjer Jewelry

Ring stacking is its own fantastic art form. That’s why we made this ring stack guide, so that you can have—at your fingertips—all the principles needed to know how to stack rings like a pro!

Create a Cohesive Ring Stack with a Nesting Ring Set

If you are trying to build a cohesive and complementary ring stack, consider investing in a stunning nesting ring set! A nesting ring set is a style of ring stack where multiple rings are designed to fit together seamlessly.

The rings are designed to stack flush against each other, creating a smooth and continuous appearance; they may be designed to interlock or fit together in some other way. The rings may feature complementary shapes, textures, or stones that help to create a matching and visually appealing look.

Nesting ring stacks are a popular choice for those who want an effortless look without having to mix and match different rings themselves. They are also a great way to add versatility to your jewelry collection, as you can mix and match different rings within the nesting set to create different looks!

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Mix in Lines, Simple Shapes and Textures to your Ring Stack

How to Stack Rings - Criss Cross Ring - Anina - White Topaz Ring - Lilly

When building your perfect ring stack, don’t be afraid to experiment with lines, textures and ring shapes! Symmetrical shapes on your hand—like a centered chevron ring or a criss cross band across the base of the fingers—work well with simple gemstone bands.

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Play with lines using a combination of geometric rings, textured stacking bands, and rings with really small centerpieces! To create a focal point, try a tall gemstone ring on one of your fingers. This shape becomes the base for all other shapes, which are achieved by building height on varying fingers in three ways: ring quantity, ring width, or placement.

If you want to show off your stunning engagement ring with a modern ring stack, consider highlighting that star piece by juxtaposing it with gemless, dainty rings. If you really want to include more gems (who wouldn’t?!), opt for a thin and delicate eternity band, worn on a different finger!

Create the Perfect Engagement Ring Stack with Diamonds

How to Stack Rings - Solitaire Diamond Ring - Diamond Pave Band - Diamond Ring - Ilse

Go bling or go home! Creating a perfect diamond ring stack is all about finding the right balance between simplicity and variety. Choose diamond rings that complement each other: The rings in your diamond stack should be cohesive in terms of color, style, design, and metal. Consider choosing rings that have a similar band width or stone size to create a coordinated look.

When stacking diamond rings, it's important to consider the size and placement of each ring. Start with a larger or statement ring as the base (think a Diamond Solitaire Ring) and build from there. Place smaller or simpler rings on top to create a gradual and balanced stack. Layering on more delicate bands with different textures can also add interest and depth to your stack!

Incorporate Complementary Gemstones into your Ring Stacks

How to Stack Rings - Statement Ring Set - Elisa & Margit

When building statement ring stacks, consider choosing gemstones that complement each other! While we are still big believers of the phrase “more is more”, there is no denying the simplistic beauty of a monochromatic gemstone ring stack where the colors and hues are in complete harmony!

We love how the Margit Mother of Pearl Ring and Elisa Moonstone Ring stack together in our Statement Ring Set. Mother of pearl and moonstone are cohesive gemstones because they both possess a unique iridescence and a soft quality that works well for more feminine jewelry designs. The subtle colors and shimmering effects of these gemstones add an ethereal and dreamlike quality to your ring stacks, making them a popular choice for bohemian and romantic styles!

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Within each of these categories, you’ll want to create the patterns that speak to you to find your own sense of balance and personality. Mostly—mix, match, have fun, and don’t be afraid to break all the rules! You can come up with your own ring stack creations using our Rings collection page!

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