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How to Style Colorful Gemstone Jewelry | Linjer Jewelry

When we think of jewelry, our minds often jump to gold and silver, but colorful gemstone jewelry opens up a range of possibilities that you can wear to give your outfit a dash of color.

For some fabulous ideas on how to add color to your daily attire by styling gemstone jewelry with your outfits… read on!

Define your Color Palette - Understanding the Terms

Chances are your very first favorite color was one of the six primary and secondary colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, or purple.

Window to my Soul Rings

Now that your taste has matured and your color vocabulary has increased, you might specify that you love teal—green that veers towards blue, or chartreuse—green that veers toward yellow.

Any color in its most saturated state is considered to be a specific hue. Add some black, and you have a new shade. Add some white, and you have a new tint. Add some gray, and you have a new tone.

Of course, when we talk about color, we can’t leave out the concept of temperature. Loosely speaking, the closer a color is to blue on the color wheel, the cooler it is. The closer a color is to yellow or red, the warmer it is.

Cool tones tend to make us feel calm, safe, and grounded. Warm tones put us in a creative, energized, and open mood. Colors like gray, cream, and brown are considered neutrals.

Mellow Vibes

Monochromatic Palette

A monochromatic palette is created by using different tones, tints, and shades of the same color. This color schematic will give you a very subdued aura. Choose a cool color on top of that to really channel tranquil vibes.

Pro tip: tone down the saturation of the hue by choosing a softer shade or tint for a more mellow vibe.

Gemstone Solitaire Ring - Lilly in Blue Topaz

For a super thoughtful, serene feel, wear a breezy gray-blue blouse with these gemstone drop earrings, Serendipity Earrings in Baltic Blue, and a natural gemstone ring like the Lilly Gemstone Solitaire Ring in London Blue Topaz.

Analogous Palette

An analogous color palette creates just a bit more interest than its monochromatic cousin. You’re branching out a bit, adding new colors to the mix, but keeping them right next to each other on the color wheel, which still gives a grounded, harmonious essence to your outfit.

Think pink with amber or lime with champagne. For a more marked, but still totally chill look, you can highlight your colorful jewelry by choosing neutral fabrics.

Gemstone Earrings - Sigrid

Imagine khaki pants, a cream coloured tank, and a light brown cropped trench coat with these Sigrid Gemstone Earrings in Citrine and a gemstone pendant necklace like the Peridot Birthstone Necklace.

Bold Moods

Complementary Palette

Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel. For example, purple and yellow or green and red. When complementary colors are paired, they create both contrast and balance.

An outfit of this style is going to be a bit more vibrant and energized. Your jewelry will pop against your clothes.

Pro tip: choose a more saturated or pure hue, for a bolder mood.

Let’s say you want to go out in your brand new cyan summer dress, and you want some jewelry that is going to make the whole outfit stand out. Teal is a mix of green and blue, so the complimentary colors are going to be reds, pinks, and oranges.

Window to my Soul Ring in Dusty Coral

You could show off your cyan colored dress with a large gemstone ring, like the Window to My Soul in Dusty Coral and a gold gemstone necklace, like the Sigrid in Rose Quartz.

Color Blocking

Color blocking makes use of triadic or tetradic color palettes—juxtaposing colors that almost seem like they don’t go together, but that ultimately do come together as a bold, vibrant whole.

Color blocking invites you to throw out the old rulebook. Use your intuition, but don’t be afraid to clash a bit.

If you want to color block with your jewelry—we love a crisp white organic cotton t-shirt as a blank canvas, paired with some denim in your wash of choice, and lots of colorful gemstones.

Mother of Pearl Ring - Margit and Multi-Gemstone Ring - Helene

Our multicolor gemstone ring, Helene, is the perfect way to start off this look. You can stack it with the Margit Mother of Pearl Ring.

Finish off the look by layering our Turquoise Necklace with the Peaceful Heart Necklace in Deep Lavender.

Use your imagination and your intuition to create your own color moods with ideas from our Gemstone Collection page!

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