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Jewelry Based on Your Zodiac Sign | Linjer Jewelry

zodiac charm necklace

The word horoscope actually comes from the Greek words hōra “hour” and skopos “observe”, which come together to mean “observer of the hour.”

The person who can read your horoscope skillfully observes the alignment of the stars at the hour of your birth to give you special information about your personality and your future.

All that to say, you don’t need to read the stars to know that choosing personalized jewelry based on your zodiac sign will make you feel like the woman of the hour!

So study our very own jewelry horoscope to guide you to the zodiac jewelry that shows off the most celebrated aspects of your personality.

Daring Aries

The bright colors and bold designs of a gemstone statement necklace—like the Peaceful Heart Necklace in Deep Lavender—can express the courageous spirit of an Aries. She’s sure to make an impact wherever she goes, and so her jewelry should too.

peaceful heart necklace in deep lavender

Sophisticated Taurus

A Taurus appreciates true luxury. She’s a sensuous pragmatist, and she wants to wear items of lasting quality that make her feel relaxed and sumptuous all at once. This serenely luxurious Diamond Miriam Pave Band—a diamond ring with not one but seven pavé set diamonds—is perfect for any sensible Epicurean.

Miriam Diamond 7-stone ring

Vivacious Gemini

Usually the first one to flash a smile and say hello, a Gemini needs jewelry that’s just as gregarious as she is. The playful colors dotted along the Helene Multi Gemstone Ring will glitter and charm just as much as she does with her colorful stories and winsome smile.

Helene Multi-gemstone ring

Sentimental Cancer

Sentimental and compassionate, Cancer loves to reminisce. Her sense of nostalgia keeps those she loves fondly in her memory and close to her heart, which is why she’ll love this Marte Locket Necklace—a classic and romantic locket necklace, a place to keep a picture of her cherished memories.

Marte Locket necklace

Ardent Leo

Leos love something with a fiery glow, which is why they are often inclined toward gold jewelry. Studded with four distinctly shaped citrine gemstones that look like blazing sparks of fire—the Ilse Ring in Citrine is befitting of a Leo’s passionate personality. And because Leo doesn’t shy away from attention, she’ll love layering this stacking ring with a few other dazzling pieces that will surely catch the eye.

Ilse gemstone ring in citrine

Constant Virgo

The practical, industrious side of a Virgo is tempered by her constant kindness. Because she’s got things to do, she likes minimal, everyday jewelry that won’t get in her way—like the tiny white topaz centerpiece on the Malin Gemstone Necklace, and it doesn’t need to be big or flashy, just something simple to match her gentle spirit.

Malin gemstone necklace

Harmonious Libra

When it comes to harmony, Libras are obsessed. Whether elegant or casual jewelry, it’s all about striking the right balance, which is why our simple and symmetrical Anina Criss Cross Ring, made of two intersecting gold rings, will put her in her element.

Anina criss cross ring

Subtle Scorpio

The evanescent feel of understated jewelry, like the Aura Climber Earrings, tiny cubic zirconia studs that elusively scamper up the ear, is perfect for the mystic and mysterious Scorpio. Besides being an enigma, Scorpio has such an understated charisma that she doesn’t need bold jewelry—but then she could certainly get away with it.

Aura climber earrings

Sparkling Sagittarius

You’ll easily spot a Sagittarius traveling the physical or intellectual world in search of new experiences and ideas. A Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily need a plan; she just needs can-do optimism and a bit of serendipity. This is why she’ll love statement earrings like our Serendipity Earrings Amalfi Blue—vibrant boho jewelry that will express her bubbly personality.

Serendipity earrings in amalfi blue

Resilient Capricorn

Independent and tenacious, Capricorn is often seen as a leader. Her dedicated perseverance will lead her to great heights, and her wisdom makes her a pillar in her community. A Capricorn knows the value of investing in high-quality pieces, and her straightforward, focused approach to life inclines her towards timeless jewelry. She’ll be drawn to a classy gold vertical bar necklace, like Linn, that reminds her to stay the course.

Linn vertical bar necklace

Imaginative Aquarius

She is creative and whimsical and naturally drawn toward pearlcore and nature-inspired jewelry. She is also innovative and eclectic, so she’ll fall just as easily for edgy jewelry and artsy pieces. The abstract golden line drizzled around the Marit Keshi Pearl Necklace is perfect for free-spirited and nature-loving Aquarius.

Marit keshi pearl necklace

Artistic Pisces

Pisces carries an artistry within her that is nurtured by her deep sense of empathy and affection for the world around her. She has a keen intuition that gives discerning tastes, but as a water sign, she’s also fluid and open to new things. Pisces will love timeless jewelry that ever so slightly curtsies to the trends, like these classy Mathilde Pearl Drop Earrings, graceful pearl drops suspended by a freeform ring.

Mathilde pearl drop earrings

If you look to the stars and trust the divine sway within you, you're sure to find your personal zodiac piece amongst our Jewelry Collection.

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