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Mother’s Day 2023: Best Mother’s Day Jewelry to Gift This Year | Linjer Jewelry

Celebrate your mom’s love with the perfect Mother's Day gift you know she'll love and cherish for the many years ahead…  luxurious jewelry! To help you with selections, we’ve asked our team for their personal recommendations. From a selection ranging from luxurious diamond jewelry to classic pearl styles (all at affordable prices), read on and get inspired by our Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide 2023!

Elegant Mother’s Day Earrings

Natalie, Community: I have been eyeing the 14k White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings - Trillium since we released them a few weeks ago. My mama likes minimal-but-fancy earrings and prefers silvery tones…so these earrings would make the perfect gift for her (and for me to steal from time to time!!). Plus the diamonds on these earrings are arranged like a flower bouquet – quite on theme for Mother’s Day! 

Mother's Day Jewelry -14k-White-Gold-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-Trillium


Calvin, Operations and Merchandising: These diamond stud earrings are my personal favorite - they have a timeless style that make it super easy for anyone to dress up or down. If you were thinking of treating yourself or a special someone (Hint: Mother’s Day is right around the corner :D) – these would be a no-brainer gift of choice!  

Mother's Day Jewelry - 14k-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-Stud-Earrings-Aria

 Shop them here: 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 3mm - Aria


Classic Mother’s Day Necklaces

Natasha, Customer Experience: I am based in the UK and we celebrated our Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. I adore my Mother of Pearl Necklace and wanted to get my mum a matching necklace so we can twin! I love how versatile this necklace is as it can be worn with beachy, casual outfits or more formal looks. My mum and I both love the water and so this feels like the perfect piece for the two of us.

Mother's Day Jewelry - Mother of Pearl Necklace

Shop it here: Mother of Pearl Necklace


Sherry, Digital Design and Marketing: I think my mom would really like the Astrid Pearl Necklace. Long before it was trendy, she always told me to buy quality things once, instead of buying cheap things that don’t last. I think she would appreciate the high grade freshwater pearls (so pretty in person!) and the easy toggle clasp. My mom is very elegant and not fussy, and this suits her!

Mother's Day Jewelry - Freshwater Pearl Necklace Astrid Gold Vermeil

Shop it here: Pearl Necklace - Astrid


Radiant Mother’s Day Rings

Hannah, Community: We just released a couple new Amethyst rings, and I must say, they are stunning. The Baguette Ring Amethyst - Charlotte, is a classic piece in my opinion. It’s simple and contemporary, but it has the feel of an heirloom piece. My mom was born in February, thus Amethyst is her birthstone. The beautiful purple tones evoke peace and serenity, making them an ideal present for any February-born mothers!

Mother's Day Jewelry - Baguette Ring Amethyst Charlotte Gemstone Stacking Rings

Shop it here: Baguette Ring Amethyst - Charlotte


Momoko, Marketing: When I first joined the Linjer team, my mum hopped on our website and (very subtly) let me know just how lovely the Baguette Ring London Blue Topaz - Charlotte is! With its minimal and classy design, plus the beautiful deep blue color of the topaz stone, it's understandable why Charlotte is a favourite amongst both our team and customers. I'll be surprising her with this ring this mother's day, and hopefully she'll love it. :)

Mother's Day Jewelry - Baguette Ring London Blue Topaz Charlotte Blue Gemstone

Shop it here: Baguette Ring London Blue Topaz - Charlotte


Ingrid, Marketing: This Mother’s Day, I plan on gifting my mama with the Diamond Pave Band - Miriam. My mom prefers more minimalistic and understated styles that are delicate and subtle. I love that this ring features an intricate row of tiny pave-set diamonds that can add just the perfect amount of sparkle without being too overwhelming!  

Mother's Day Jewelry - Lab Grown Diamond Pave Band Ring Miriam

Shop it here: Diamond Pave Band - Miriam


Annie, Community: My mum loves the Amalfi Blue Statement Ring - Window to my Soul because it reminds her of family holidays in Italy. It adds a beautiful pop of color on dull days but is still subtle for everyday styling. Match it with the Amalfi Blue Statement Earrings - Serendipity for an eye-catching duo!

Mother's Day Jewelry - Amalfi Blue Statement Earrings Serendipity

Whether you want to treat your mom to a beautiful pair of diamond earrings or a gorgeous gemstone ring, gifting something that is long lasting and timeless is a wonderful way to express your love. Don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day sale for 20% off all jewelry

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