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Our Favorite Ways to Style Mother of Pearl Jewelry | Linjer Jewelry

You may be wondering what is mother-of-pearl exactly? Sure, it has a luminescent sheen just like pearls do, but is mother-of-pearl even related to pearls? Actually, it is. The shiny substance called nacre, which we know as mother-of-pearl, is the exact same stuff that pearls are made of.

But, pearls can take years to finish forming and require a special process to cultivate, making pearl jewelry a bit more scarce. Using the more readily available mother-of-pearl creates pieces of jewelry that are just as lovely and lustrous as pearls.

Indeed, whereas pearls are rather opaque, mother-of-pearl is preferred by some for its silky, ethereal glow.

Birgit Mother of Pearl Ring

This naturally occurring gemstone comes in various colors, but the most commonly used variety appears at first glance to be a layered, creamy white that shimmers with rainbow iridescence as it catches the light.

Because of its all-encompassing neutral color palette, mother-of-pearl jewelry is quite versatile and easy to style. So, let’s take a peek at how we like to style some of our favorite pieces from our Mother of Pearl Collection.

Mother of Pearl Ring - Birgit

Birgit Mother of Pearl Ring

The Birgit Mother of Pearl Ring is a playful mother of pearl ring, that has a sort of celestial feel. A tiny white topaz gemstone orbits its way up to a translucent mother-of-pearl globe in a gold bezel setting.

This open-style ring is great for everyday wear. Subtle enough to layer with other bands and impactful enough to stand on its own, we like to pair Birgit with a linen button-down in a solid pastel or earth tone with some well-tailored slacks.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Like any real pearl necklace, our Mother of Pearl Necklace is a stunner. The hazy oval tablet of mother-of-pearl is enclosed in a slim gold lining reminiscent of a slice of misty moonlight. It wants to be demure, but it simply glows.

A necklace like this calls for either an ultra-high or plunging neckline. And, we think that this kind of mother-of-pearl fine jewelry deserves to be dressed up. So, definitely feel free to slip into something elegant for this one.

Mother of Pearl Ring - Heidi

Mother of Pearl Ring Heidi

Pearl rings are still trending, and we love this mixed-material mother-of-pearl and gemstone ring. The Mother of Pearl Ring Heidi features a tiny mother-of-pearl sphere flanked by even tinier diamond-esque gemstones.

This is a great stacking ring that will easily elevate your professional look. We love to style Heidi with a perfectly fitted blazer or alternatively with an oversized cashmere sweater.

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Together with the Mother of Pearl Necklace, our Mother of Pearl Earrings make for a stunning mother of pearl jewelry set, ideal for an elegant night out. Just like the necklace, these pebbly organic-shaped earrings are basically drops of moondust lined in gold vermeil.

The 42mm height of these dangling pearl pendants is enough to turn heads. You’ll either want to pair these with a daytime outfit that can really handle them, or go ahead and save them to wear with their sister necklace for your next formal event.

Vintage Mother of Pearl Ring - Elisabeth

Elisabeth Vintage Mother of Pearl Ring

It’s hard not to gush over this gorgeously classy Elisabeth Vintage Mother of Pearl Ring. The creamy mother-of-pearl oval is nestled into a golden twist setting that rests atop a simple v-pronged band. Altogether this pearl ring has an old-time cinema feel that makes us want to raid grandma’s closet.

The timeless look of Elisabeth pairs well with classic, polished daytime and evening looks.

Check out our Mother of Pearl Collection to shop our favorites!

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