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Our Top Unique Jewelry Picks | Linjer Jewelry

Here at Linjer, we’re big fans of classic pieces and timeless designs. That said, we also love creatively crafted designs, and we believe that every woman should have a unique piece or two in her collection—one of those pieces that makes people stop and ask you where you got it. A piece that makes you feel uniquely you!

Unique Pearl Earrings

Unique Jewelry - Pearl Drop Earrings - Mathilde

The Mathilde are an artsy spin on the classic pearl stud earrings and are an obvious choice for women who are looking to add a unique finish to their outfits.

These one-of-a-kind pearl drop earrings have a captivating design that will have your friends wondering where on earth you got them. (Don’t worry, if you want to tell them that a handsome artisan gifted them to you while you were backpacking in Spain the summer of your junior year, and they are the only one of their kind… our lips are sealed😉

These unique pearl earrings feature an organic hammered setting with a baroque pearl drop. Baroque pearls are irregular in nature, meaning your pearls will have their own distinct shapes! The gorgeous pearls have a natural shimmer and a soft, creamy color that can compliment any outfit, from casual to formal.

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Unique Gemstone Ring

Unique Jewelry -Multi Gemstone Ring - Helene

Like a beachy palindrome, the Multi Gemstone Ring - Helene is a unique piece that will have jewelry lovers tapping your shoulder! This dainty ring features seven tiny colored gemstones in a symmetrical sequence. The result is a unique gemstone ring that reminds us of the sun dipping into the ocean’s horizon!

This dainty stunner is made for the women who want to add a subtle pop of color to their ring stacks without overwhelming the look.

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Unique Vintage Ring

Unique Jewelry Picks-Unique Vintage Ring

If you are an avid vintage shopper with an affinity for heirloom pieces, you’ll love the Vintage Mother of Pearl Ring - Elisabeth. It’s a beautiful statement ring that looks like it came straight out of your grandma's jewelry box

This antique-inspired piece has a statement mother of pearl center framed by a braided gold vermeil border that gives it a vintage glamorous flair. The Elisabeth looks amazing on her own or layered with other dainty stackable ring.

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Unique Pendant Necklace

Unique Jewelry Picks-Unique Pendant Necklace

Our Mother of Pearl Necklace is truly a unique piece of jewelry that's sure to make a statement. This pendant necklace features an exquisite mother of pearl pendant, which has a natural shimmer and a milky white glow.

What makes this necklace truly special is its one-of-a-kind nature. Because the mother of pearl is a natural material, no two pendants are exactly alike, meaning that the wearer of this necklace will have a truly unique piece of jewelry that's unlike any other

This unique pendant necklace is perfect for those who want to add a touch of natural beauty to their wardrobe, while also enjoying the exclusivity that comes with owning a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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Unique Hoop Earrings

Unique Jewelry - Open Hoop Earrings - Erika

Looking for jewelry with unusual designs? Our Open Hoop Earrings - Erika are head-turners in disguise. They may seem ordinary at first glance, but if you take a second glance, you’ll notice that these hoops appear to float magically beneath the ear because they’re inverted c-hoops— something of a cross between hoop earrings and gemstone studs.

And, how does one put on a pair of magical inverted c-hoops? We thought you might ask. Alas, special earrings have to be donned in a special way. You can wear your Erika hoops by sliding the end of the ‘c’ from front to back until the gemstone stud hits your lobe and keeps your ‘c’ snuggly in place.

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Who would have thought that such a simple design could be so alluring? At Linjer, we love sustainable jewelry, and we love designs that strike just the right balance between simplicity and glamor so that every woman can fill her collection with timeless elegance. Peruse all of the beguiling designs that transcend jewelry trends on our general collection page!

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