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Simple Jewelry: Our Favorite Picks | Linjer Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, more is not always more. Simple and understated pieces can make just as much of a statement as their more elaborate counterparts. In fact, simple jewelry designs emphasize the beauty of the materials and the intricacies of delicate craftsmanship. From delicate stud earrings to minimalist necklaces, there are plenty of options for those who prefer a more pared-down approach to accessorizing.

So, if you're ready to embrace the less-is-more mentality, let’s check out some of our top picks for simple jewelry!

Simple Pearl Necklace

Simple Jewelry - Baroque Pearl Necklace

When curating your unique capsule jewelry collection, there are a few defining characteristics to consider: versatile, made to last, and most importantly, a reflection of you.

Our Baroque Pearl Necklace is the perfect example of how simple jewelry can be just as eye-catching as more elaborate pieces. With a single, striking baroque pearl suspended on a delicate gold chain, this necklace is the epitome of classic elegance. The irregular and organic shape of the baroque pearl gives it a unique and natural feel, while the simplicity of the design allows it to be styled with just about anything.

Whether you're dressing up for a formal occasion or want to spruce up your everyday look, this simple pearl necklace is sure to become a staple in your jewelry collection.

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Simple Gold Necklace

Simple Jewelry - Locket Necklace - Marte

If you're looking for a simple gold necklace to add a touch of subtle sophistication, look no further than the Locket Necklace - MarteThe understated locket pendant is the perfect size for holding a photo or small memento, making it a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection. The delicate opera length chain makes the Marte easy to layer for a unique and personalized look. 

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Simple Gold Hoop Earrings

Simple Jewelry - 14k Gold Hoops 18mm - Sonia

You can never go wrong with a pair of simple gold hoop earrings. Crafted from high-quality 14k yellow gold, the 14k Gold Hoops 18mm - Sonia embodies a timeless elegance that will ensure they remain a cherished addition to your jewelry collection for the many years ahead. The sleek and minimal design of these hoops imparts a classic charm that will never go out of style. 

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Simple Stud Earrings

Simple Jewelry - 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 3mm - Aria

No jewelry collection would be complete without a pair of simple stud earrings—delicately adding some personality and sparkle to your outfit. Our 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 3mm - Aria are the perfect example of simple and essential jewelry done right. The minimalist earring setting allows the beauty of the lab grown diamond to take center stage (deservingly so)!

Style them on with a casual outfit for a touch of everyday luxury, or pair them with a little black dress for a more formal occasion. With their perennial design and high-quality craftsmanship, these earrings are an investment that you won't regret!

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Simple Gold Ring

Simple Jewelry - Wide Ring - Paula

Simple stacking rings can add a glimmer of polish that will effortlessly elevate any look. If you're in the market for a sleek gold ring that's anything but ordinary, look no further than the Wide Ring - Paula. This simple gold ring boasts a wide band that's perfect for stacking with other rings, making it a versatile foundation piece for any jewelry collection. The simplicity of the design means that it can be worn with just about anything, from your 9-5 workwear to your favorite weekend outfits.

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Repeat after me… simple does not mean boring! When it comes to jewelry, taking a minimalist approach allows you to make an effortless statement without being too flashy. Whether you prefer the elegance of diamond stud earrings, the sophistication of a pearl necklace, or the versatility of gold stacking rings, simple jewelry can traverse all trends and remain a timeless addition to your jewelry collections. Be sure to check out our entire jewelry collection for more simple and dainty pieces!

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