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Styling Fall Jewelry | Linjer Jewelry

Fashion is always a glorious mix of what designers dare to throw at us today and the reverberations of decades past. Every runway season, we think we’ve seen it all until the audacious fashion-house gods decide to boldly throw what no designer has thrown before.

Needless to say, the jewelry trends of Fall 2022 don’t disappoint.

Hilde organic hoop earrings

Trending jewelry in 2022 is single-handedly blending the looks of half a century: the pearl jewelry and florals (and brooches) of the 50s, the charms and bright colors of the 60s, the boho beads and layers of the 70s. Then we have 80s bangles and chains, 90s crystals and chokers, the hoops and super long pendants of the 2000s, plus we’re seeing a play between structured arcs and abstract freestyle lines. In a sense, we’ve moved into an era where anything goes.

So, how does this translate into everyday jewelry for your Autumn wardrobe? Somewhere, between the falling leaves outside your window and the elaborate florals cascading down the runway, exists the perfect Fall jewelry selection for you.

Riveting Rings

Start off your Fall with nostalgic orange. There’s nothing like that deep, pumpkiny burnt sienna color to put you into the Fall spirit. And, our Citrine Ring - Ilse plays with this season’s freestyle lines—each of the four hand-cut gemstones has its own abstract shape.

ilse gemstone ring in citrine

We love this citrine gemstone against a classic Autumn palette, and did we mention that Ilse pairs perfectly with other stackable rings if you want an oh-so-bo-ho Autumn look?

Pearly Pendants

This season, you’ll see it all, from chunky chokers to opera-length chain necklaces, and speaking of abstract lines, our Keshi Pearl Necklace Silver - Marit is a fabulous drizzle of frozen liquid silver holding a dazzling Keshi pearl.

Marit keshi pearl necklace sterling silver

Pearls may be vintage, but Marit has a modern touch for a classically modern wardrobe. This gorgeous pendant necklace will look great with your fall knits—retro and otherwise. Silver? Oh yes, silver is back and gracing the runways.

Harvest Hoops

From charming studs to clever twists on classic hoops, earrings are vying for center stage, and Linjer is here for it. If you’re into the organic lines that are cropping up this season, you’ll love our Organic Hoops - Hilde, a pair of gold vermeil earrings with some free-spirited verve.

hilde organic hoop earrings

That said, organic apples and organic hoops aren’t the only harvests this Fall. Some of us are lining up for the structured arcs that are sweeping the runways, and if you want to add a bit of 90s sparkle, well, we’re here for that too.

These Erika Open Hoops are innovative hoop earrings featuring sparkling crystal studs with a unique inverted c-hoop that seems to float below the lobe.

erika open hoop earrings

Plus, hoops and turtlenecks are a match made in Autumn.

Stackable Sparkles

Did you get the memo? Ok, while printed memos might be a relic of the 90s, crystals and gemstone jewelry are big again.

If you want to hop on the sparkle trend while keeping things classy, we recommend this classic Tennis Bracelet. It’s like an eternity band for your wrist— a full sweep of dazzling gemstones that pop against their gold vermeil setting.

tennis bracelets

And, the adjustable chain makes this bracelet ultra stackable because, yes, stacking your wrists with layers of arm candy is big again too.

Ok, but how does one do arm stacks in sweater weather? Look for shirts with bracelet sleeves (it’s a thing; we promise). They stop a bit above the wrists to make room for your bundle of bangles. Also, choose sweaters and cardigans with a tight enough wrist to scrunch—for a casual, edgy look—or a loose enough wrist to fold for a formal, preppy look.

Don’t miss out on what’s trending at Linjer. Our New Arrivals are ready for Fall!

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