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Styling Isle of Paradise Serendipity Earrings | Linjer Jewelry

There are so many ways to make a statement: with size, with color, with dazzle and design. Our Isle of Paradise Serendipity Earrings tick a lot of boxes. With their glamorous design and array of dreamy colors, these nicely sized brilliant earth earrings really can add a special sparkle to your outfits.

Styling for Occasion

When choosing statement drop earrings, you’ll want to think about how certain characteristics of the jewelry correspond to the events that you’ll wear it to.

Take our two beautiful blue variants of the Serendipity Earrings: the Amalfi Blue Earrings are made from white quartz and howlite, which together make the gorgeous blue that the Italian coastal town is known for.

amalfi blue serendipity statement earrings

This vivacious blue makes quite the statement that might match the tempo of some events better than others. We love the Amalfi earrings as vacation earrings or summer jewelry, perfect for daytime events, and fancy Sunday brunches.

On the other hand, the Baltic Blue Serendipity Earrings are deeper, like their namesake sea. These serene earrings, made of white quartz and blue opal, are elegant enough to pair with formal and semi-formal evening wear yet still versatile enough to accompany a daytime look.

baltic blue serendipity statement earrings

Styling for Outfit

When styling the Serendipity and other statement earrings for your outfits, there are a few different things to consider, such as your undertone and the color pallet of your outfits.

The lovely color of our Dusty Coral Earrings, made from clear quartz and mother-of-pearl with a bit of peachy film, can really compliment your coloring (whether warm or cool), and they also pair nicely with a variety of color pallets, giving you a lot of outfit freedom.

dusty coral serendipity statement earrings

In fact, all of the colorful jewelry in our Isle of Paradise collection strikes just the right balance so as to pair easily with both warm and cool pallets.

While it’s fun to play with colors, we also love just how stunning our Serendipity gem earrings look when you let them do the talking. The gentle Honeydew Earrings, made from green amethyst and mother-of-pearl, may be softer than the other colors in the collection, but they’re just as dazzling at first glance as they are at second. And, if you really want to highlight your precious stone earrings, you can do so by choosing outfits with simple cuts that are neutral or solid in color.

honeydew green amethyst serendipity statement earrings

A Few More Styling Tips


When it comes to bold natural gemstone earrings, there are a few more things to consider. For one thing, you’ll want to think about your hairstyle.

Updos are, of course, a great way to show off your statement dangle earrings and add to the overall elegance of your outfit. That said, while some insist that updos are a must, Linjer embraces a more open approach.

Our lively Deep Lavender Serendipity Earrings—clear quartz and mother-of-pearl with pink film—look playful as they peek out from behind your untethered strands.

deep lavender serendipity statement earrings

Creating Balance

Statement jewelry can stylishly contrast with your clothing or smoothly harmonize; either way, they’re a great way to keep attention drawn to your face.

If you choose minimalist jewelry (or wear only earrings) and understated fabric, you’re sure to find everyone’s gaze directed toward your face. But, you can also strategically use statement earrings to balance out your look from head to toe, especially if you’re wearing busy fabrics, bold shoes, and/or other statement pieces.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. You can combine your earrings with soft, minimalist outfits to curate an elegant look or let them be one part of a maximalist ensemble for all-out glamour.

Shop all of the fun jewelry and dreamy colors in our Isle of Paradise Collection to put together your own signature statement looks!

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